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Friday, December 1, 2006

Get a grip, people.

Now here's the question.

How do you define what nice music is?

Many Malaysians nowadays say that they are true music lovers. They say music is everything and that without it, life would be dull and not worth living. But what is the percentage of TRUE music lovers out there?

You really want to know, do you?

Well honestly, the answer is, a measly small percentage.

It's okay. Go ahead and critisise my comments made here. Go ahead and say "What la, what does HE know about music?"

It won't really bother me. Because at the end of the day, I know what I know and I know what others know. And one thing's for sure.

So many of you guys know NUTS about music.

Take this for example.

An Average Malaysian

So, what are your interests?

Oh, erm, I love music! Yeah.

Oh really? What kind of music do you like then?

Haha! I listen to the radio everyday man! Uhh, I like Kelly Clarkson lah, Nickelback lah, all those lah. You? What do you like?

Mind you, this could be ANYONE in Malaysia talking to me.

Heck, can't you just be a bit more honest and tell the truth? You say you like music. Like or love, whatever. It doesn't make a difference.

That's the freaking problem. These goddamn people with their sooo averagely exposed minds (or even hardly exposed and completely enclosed) think they love music when all they know about it is radio music.

Radio music = Mainstream music.

I have to admit that sometimes mainstream music can be really nice. It's true. But what I'm trying to say is that people ONLY know mainstream music and think they know so much. I mean, come on, EXPAND your horizons people!

Aha! Another thing is that some people only think pop music is nice. Some people only think R&B music is nice. Then there are those who say rap rocks and the rest sucks.

Ah. GROW UP, people!

Why can't all of you learn to listen to ALL types of music? Perhaps even CLASSICAL for all you know.

It isn't right to say you love music when all you know is pop. Or R&B. Or rap. It's goddamn rubbish, I say.

Sure, some pop can be nice. Some R&B can be really hot. And some rap can get you on da floor and start jumping going "YEEEEAH" like those niggers.

Malaysian radio stations aren't helping the situation either.

Take for example.

Sure, it's supposed to be the coolest radio station in Malaysia playing you the HITS of today! But look at what Hitz comes up with nowadays. Hinder? Justin Timberlake? Nickelback? Kelly Clarkson? Rihanna? I mean, good god man. Give me something else. I would think eventually some other radio stations are actually playing better music. Then when Hitz listeners hear that music, they go:

"Ahh, never hear before wan. Not nice lah."

Now that is SO WRONG.

Why don't you just listen to it to get more exposure so that you know more about music?

Now let's go into the genre rock.

I ask people, "Do you like rock?"

They go, "Yeah man! Rock's like the BEST man!"

"Okayy, so what bands do you like?"

"So many lah! Green Day la! Hoobastank! Linkin Park la! They rock!"


Okay to be fair, I personally like all the bands listed. But to me, they're getting old. Outdated.

And to think that rock is only that? Well, you guys better go learn up some real rock.

Rock is a very, very wide genre now. It's become so complex that there are tons of sub-genres. And sadly, many people only like the sub-genres that are attached to the mainstream market, such as punk and pop rock. I'm sure if I were to list some other genres, many of those reading this either would never ever heard of it or wouldn't like it.

I'll list some out anyway.

Emo, acoustic, black metal, punk, indie, dance pop, post hardcore, progressive, death metal, screamo, experimental, post punk, ambient, hardcore, metal, psychedellic, art punk, metalcore.

I can just imagine the average Malaysian saying to me now, "Huh?"

You people are so damn predictable. That's the problem. Only a true music lover, or in this case a rock music lover would say he's at least heard some of these types of genres.

"Yer, screamo is like those people shouting wan ah?"

Sigh. It isn't SHOUTING. I prefer to say:

The Art of Screaming.

Seriously! Not every vocalist in the world can do it! And it's a combination of talent and effort to learn how to scream. And who says when a vocalist screams it destroys a song?

That's plain bullshit. To be honest, there are times when a vocalist screams and it makes the song so much better than it should be.

And then when it comes to stuff like metal, the first thing that comes to people's minds is BLACK METAL.

Oh for gods sake! Why would that be the case? There are so many types of metal. If it's just METAL alone, there are no activities such as drinking of goat's blood or worshipping satan carried out by the band!

Malaysians don't think out of the box. And that's why so many are so damn ignorant and close-minded.

Here's a good website of less-mainstream and indie artists.

Go visit it and go learn something about music.

But take the positive side, we're all still learning. And back to music, well, it's best for one to listen to all types of music. Instead, you people say MUSIC is life, when what you mean is what you hear on 92.9 FM.

Try to switch your radio channels sometimes. Listen to some pop, rock, R&B, rap, soul, blues, jazz or even classical. Reggae. Funk.

Go and get some tickets to some concerts of all types of music.

Let's hope you'll find something enlightening.

Change your view on music.

Open up and expand your knowledge.

It's never too late.

My fingers are numb.

You can close this window now.


waihong said...

Somebody has finally spoken the truth ! Hahaha. Nice one Jebat, really nice one. I mean, cmon la.. where is Saosin ? Taking Back Sunday ? Copeland ? Paramore ? Underoath ? I wanna listen to these people on or maybe too man ! You're goddamn right about malaysian these days. Love this post :)

MengLeong said...

u sound like u wana kill all music-illiterate-m'sians.

hweeching said...

I likey Saosin.
Haha and classical music, too, naturally.
I mean, for piano-playing people like us.
I likey Death Cab for Cutie, too.

Heh.. I don't really know what my point is.

The Nemeshuan said...

what you say is true. but most of malaysian's are not ready for that kind of music. maybe the teenagers love that kind of beats but not the adults. they think its too noisy. and i think playing songs on the radio like Saosin, TBS, and Underoath will only spoil the word UNDERGROUND music. from my point of view, i think their not that kind band should played on the radio. seriously. its also something like food chain..don't disturb the eco system or you'll be in trouble. think about it, blogger. i listen to Saosin when back in 2000. i bet you don't even know Saosin at that time, am i right? maybe you can let your friends listen to their songs but jangan la lebih lebih until everyone know. then its not UNDERGROUND music edi. so don't spoil the mood. thanka. good bye.

if you're free. i would like to see you blogger. or should i say , JEBAT.


delete your post before its too late.

thanka. Q(-_-Q)

khai sim said...

i don't think there's any problem with this entry.

Jebat did mentioned that people should appreciate classical too. how about middle of the road music? there's not any tad noisy about them, and which in my opinion, adults would definitely approve of it.

yea, i agree about keeping them less-mainstream, but the whole thing is about having people to understand what really is music.

Still, I might be wrong...

Jebat said...

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who have posted your comments. It is greatly appreciated.

At the end of the day, who's to say whether we are right and others are wrong and vice versa.

We are all still learning so I am blessed to receive comments like these I have so far. Hope to see more.

We all have our own opinions and thus I believe it was vital to publish my post and it is STILL vital to keep it there. It is after all my blog and I make the decisions.

Whether what I said was the truth or not, I continue to believe VERY strongly that MOST Malaysians should be a lot more open minded in terms of music than they still are. This does not mean that ALL Malaysians are this way. I just wanted to clarify that.

So thanks again and if any of you feel as if you offended me, you didn't, because to be honest I truly accept these comments in a positive way.


The Nemeshuan said...

I see where you're coming from and understand why people like that can be so annoying. BUT I think it's also wrong to judge them by saying they don't have the rights to like/love certain type of music on the radio or whatever. Everyone is different. So preference in music is based on ones personal preference. Like for example, some higher-class people prefer to eat abalone than siham because it tastes much nicer to them. and some
of the siham lovers might have already tried abalone but still dislike it because they prefer to eat siham. I have also tried listening to music genres like heavy metal and R&B and still dislike listening to them.

These are just my two cents. good post anyway. daniel.

waihong said...

Syabil: "i listen to Saosin when back in 2000. i bet you don't even know Saosin at that time, am i right?" I started listening to Saosin on the year of 2003, call me outdated or whatever. But according to my knowledge, Saosin was formed on the year of 2002 but they came out with an instrumental album which is not on sale till now (if you happen to have the album, pls send me) and did an EP on the year of 2003. I'm just making sure that, did you really start listening to Saosin since year 2000 ? I'm not trying to offend you or anything. I just wanna find out whether I'm right or wrong cause I happen to be a very big Saosin fan as you know :)

The Nemeshuan said...

Well guys, no need to argue about this. oh, come on jebat. Malaysian people is not like american people. For example, look at our parents ? They will look at us like f**k if they saw us listening to a "metal song" i right ? Like i say before, this is malaysia. Let's keep it that way. Let the undergroud music stays underground. JUST LET IT BE. Sooner or later, they will know the band. Eventually..and guys, SAOSIN, TBS, COPELAND, PARAMORE or UNDEROATH is popular now. Look at ? ADA SAOSIN, TBS and many many more. Just be patience guys ;)

The Hairless Ass

Jebat said...

All right guys.

This is a very valid debate and I'm glad it is going on as this is a very sensitive yet important issue to discuss.

Daniel, I never said that people musn't have the right to listen to radio music. I said that they should not JUST listen to radio music. There's a difference there.

Hairless Ass and Syabil, my intention is not for bands like Saosin, Underoath or Copeland to get airplay on the radio. That was Waihong's say. What I am saying is that people should learn to listen to more sub-mainstream music such as those bands. Not to force it onto

So that's done. If there are any more comments, do leave them. Thanks.

The Nemeshuan said...

wai hong my comment is not pointing to you. its general and mainly to Jebat Kee Arjuna Wtv..and btw i was mistaken 2001 with 2000. sorry if i offended you.

Pants Shatter.

JapthHamz... said...

heh ya jebat! nice one.. but didnt read it anwyays. but scrolled down all the way.. muahaha! and there's diff between music and song.. im sure u know that.. and rosewood has been writing so many songs i think but i didnt actually get to hear them.. not bcause u all didnt perform or wat.. juz that im too lazy.. wahhaa.. but im tryin out to write bm songs.. so maybe will see u guys next year hari guru? lol.. see ya then.. i love music cause it is a type of expression that will turn normal words into everlasting memoriez.. ciaoz.. take carez..

adelyn. said...

Another purevolume user? I also suggest (google it). Another place to find really good music.

Totally agree with the fact that most people know nuts about music.