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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Introduction .


I've finally taken a really unexpected yet challenging step into time.

Frankly, I never believed I would EVER want to blog. But something inside of me said: "Why not, son?"

Usually, when you visit someone's blog, there's the usual reciting of what one goes through in his or her daily life. I'm not saying anything bad about that, but don't you think that perhaps it's time to see something different from these people? Then there are those who are very philosophical in their thinking. They blog about issues or happenings in and around the WORLD. Not just in their own lives. Now those people should be admired.

Taking time over a post is something not many can do. Honestly, that's the same scenario here. And notice the template of my blog. No fancy layouts or photos. Maybe now and then, yes (I mean the photos). It's true, people who have really eye-catching blogs are really showing their creativity and all. In my case, I find creativity in different ways. So keep it up, people. Keep up designing your cool blogs but it ain't for me.

Time is of essence. Time isn't on my side this round.

Chapter closed.



like i said !
your post is SCARY . (:

MengLeong said...

blog blog blog!

Rhema said...

Oh my GOD .
Your post is so FORMAL
scary lah you :D
but do keep blogging . and nah your comment :D