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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Society .

Society is amazing.

In this world, there are so many different types of people one can find.

Like from example, after coming back from the first Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) camp yesterday, it just struck me that among the 100 odd musicians I got to know or observed, it's just incredible to find how diverse society is.

Here's a list of those people.

- The Concertmaster....... 'Nuff said.
- A bassoonist who has such an awfully sweet look that makes you wanna puke everytime he looks at you. GOD.
- A clarinettist, also a magician who missed his flight home to Kuching just for a book titled 'Jazzology'.
- A violinist who's favourite line during the entire duration of camp was 'Backsliding like a fucking dog'.
- Another violinist who never stops talking unless she gets emo just like me and who is practically the only member of the orchestra who listens to some stuff which I do too.
- Musicians who have uncommon names such as Alphonsus, Shulamite, Jeorgein, Aldrich, Eben, and not forgetting Philbert Tiki Yong. Haha.
- Another clarinettist who was home schooled during his secondary days.
- A bassist who is mixed Scottish.
- A flautist who goes around telling guys "You're cute" when strangely enough he really isn't as *ahem* as the first two mentioned on my list. =O
- A violinist who without fail checks his hair in his mini mirror every 15 minutes.
- A violist who resembles 'L' from Death Note.
- A horns tutor who may be a trans....
- Perhaps the most random violin tutor ever known, and also known as NP. Heh.
- A percussionist who doesn't even sit with his own girlfriend on the same bus home to KL.

Well, I suppose that's about it for now. I can't quite think of any others.

Camp was really fun and I hope I see you guys in May.

1543. 44.


adelyn. said...

I just feel so sad by reading the post! But yeah, society is diverse. Activities like MPYO are actually interesting in the sense that it actually lets you meet different people!

That's fun! =)

oXYmoroN© said...

Hey, even if I had rushed straight to the airport after arriving at KLCC i STILL would have missed my flight...

Jebat said...

Yeah, totally agree with you adelyn. Oh well. Can't wait for May!