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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This blog is practically. Dead.

I haven't posted anything for like. 2 months!

Nevertheless, I'll still make it a point to do a quick post since I suddenly seem to have the drive and motivation.

The first nine days of the holidays were strange, really to say the least.

The more I was at the second MPYO camp, the more I missed it and the people there after returning from the life of freedom and fun while doing something I enjoy very much. Honestly, I do wish camp was like my whole life.

Like camp, the LEO Forum in Penang is a blur to me now, probably because of the little sleep I had during the six days before.

Our club bagged a whopping 23 awards including the Top Club award.

Hey guess what. I uploaded photos and everything. But now it's all gone. All my hard work down the fucking drain.

Ahh. I can't seem to type anything more.

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