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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everything good is happening somewhere else.

Oh my goodness.

I can't believe this is actually happening.

Jebat is actually blogging.

Yup. It's been 6 months since the last time, and come to think of it I don't even know if the last post was actually a valid post. Whatever.

So many things have happened in the past few months or so. To recall everything would simply be impossible. For one thing, I'm still coming to terms with several bare facts, such as the fact that SPM is over and I am no longer in school, the prospect of entering college when I'm not exactly sure whether I should, the fact that I decided to sacrifice my prom and the after party for company of my orchestra friends, and the what have yous in between.

And I come home from MPYO's inaugural tour feeling somewhat empty. As usual. Except this time it feels even more empty since the tour was what, one and a half weeks long if you include the rehearsals prior to the tour in DFP. My 18 hour straight sleep probably helped me get rid of a little of the empty feeling, but there's no doubt it's still there.

I swear I haven't touched my violin in like a week. And I don't know why. It's as if after the tour everything vanished. I goddamn know I've got to get back to practising. I just can't feel the urge now strangely enough.

And the one thing I'm so worried about now is my future. Time and time again, people have been asking me what I'll be doing long term and I just have no definite answer. However after the tour I kind of have a plan. Or at least I think I do. But then again, I'm still lost in the wilderness of who I should approach to replace my current teacher.

Okay. So I suppose this isn't quite working. I doubt I'm even making myself clear about certain things. TRYING to blog after like six months isn't exactly a walk in the park. God now I'm making it sound like a freaking chore.

Well to make things slightly better, 12 or 13 of the members of the tribe from KL had a sort of gathering of sorts at Dylan's house yesterday. It started off reaaaaaally slowly, but began to pick up when people like Nami, Su Yin and Jia Rong arrived. SORRY GUYS I don't mean anything in a bad way. Perhaps cause we had people like James and his poker face staring silently around Dylan's living room making everyone feel all nervous. Haha. Just joking James.

And we kicked things off with a game of Cluedo, which I used to play pretty often with my family and loved. Everything seemed to be all a blur and the next thing we knew we were eating food which everyone had brought at like 5 in the evening.

There was my Greek salad, spaghetti from Tiki, pizza ordered by Su Yin, sushi made by Nami, KFC brought by Jia Rong, sandwiches and donuts from Myles, and god knows what else. Can't seem to remember. Simply enjoying each other's company was very pleasant indeed, talking, laughing and watching videos taken by Eben on Duncan's Mach Book. Actually, we were supposed to bake I don't know what, fruitcake or something, but turns out we had more fun doing simpler things as a tight knit group.

And then we ended up bundling upstairs to Dylan's room again to play twister. Ahh twister. Honestly, before yesterday I had never played it before. Imagine us playing it like 15 or 30 minutes after eating a whole load of food. Anyway, the first game 'featured' Dylan the host, James the serious, Jia Rong the cat and Su Yin the HAHAHAHA. Hoookay. Jia Rong and James seemed to be like in the thick of everything going on while Dylan and Su Yin were kinda isolated on the twister mat or whatever you call it. Anyway it looked as if we were kinda cheating and not really following the real rules of the game cause there were times when James and Dylan were lying down on the floor while awaiting their turn.

Everyone else got their chance to play except I think Nami and Myles who either didn't want to play or didn't get the chance to. And guess what? We went downstairs to eat. Again. This time we had strudel brought by Kah Yan and the rest of the pizza and donuts.

Bah. Then was it Nami who just had to suggest we tell ghost stories.

I will not further elaborate.

Okay so some people find the game Truth of Dare quite lame, but I'll tell you something. Last night's was actually really fun cause the game became pretty much only Truth since Dare wasn't very practical in Dylan's house with his parents just downstairs in their rooms, probably sleeping. So anyway, just as I was saying, we got to find out some very interesting things about ahem and ahem and ahem and other things here and there.

Then people started leaving and the empty feeling began manifesting in my heart again. If I'm not mistaken Myles was the first to leave and it went downhill from there, really. We ended up asking each other about first impressions we all had of each other and that was actually pretty fun too. Unfortunately I didn't have first impressions for everyone. SORRY GUYS.

I'm feeling empty again. I had to leave and Eben followed me home to stay a night. God did I feel like shit when everyone was like saying "Tell your mum 11 or something la." Oh well. That's life.

Okay. So once again, this didn't quite work out did it? Blogging after such a long time feels kinda strange and as I close up this post, I wonder to myself, is this really worthy of being posted? Well, whatever it is, I'll just sit back and relax.

At least I have one thing to look forward to now. Comments. x)



dylanlee said...


Jebat said...

Cool ?

tikiyong said...


lu ee ♥ said...

yes. cool!

Jebat said...

Haha omg our comments are so cool. x)

oXYmoroN© said...

Well, it helps to know that I'm not the only one not practising.

BohemianStar said...

Cool! haha. and Jebat you are not the only one feeling empty, coz the cat is feeling empty too!! Hahaha. miss you guys lots.

dylanlee said...

cool me too cool.


daydreamer said...

extremely cool.the HAHAHA is feeling empty too. =( miss u guys loads!!

Anonymous said...

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