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Friday, January 18, 2008


I've just realised something. The audition is less than one and a half months away.

And there I was telling myself: "It's three months away. Breathe."

Well, looks like I can barely breathe now.

Time simply flew by. As usual.

It seemed only like yesterday when Jia Rong and I were talking about preparing for her audition in January. And right now she's on the coach to Singapore already.

Oh, and today was my first official lesson with Gosia. *shivers*. Okay fineeee Su Yin, 'second lesson.' I consider it as my first real lesson cause this is the first time I'm actually playing stuff which I had time to prepare for her. Soooo, yeah. Luckily, I wouldn't say it was terrible.

ANYWAY, on a lighter note, the second week of lectures have ended pretty well. I'm glad that I've met more people and that classes aren't so dead quiet anymore since more people know each other and more people are talking and more people are making noise and making it a more fun atmosphere to learn.

The pile of homework is starting to get higher though, and although that's expected to happen, it might stress me out further with the work I already have to put in with the date of the audition looming.






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