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Friday, January 11, 2008

Down, Set, Go.

So has it been a good start to the year?

I’d give you a straight yes.

To cut a long story, as it always is, short, I’ve enjoyed the first few days of college. The whole prospect of traveling from one place to another to attend classes and meet up with friends for lunch breaks or whatsoever has made me feel more independent as an individual.

Yes. Anything aside school.

Gone are the days where a whole class of students would be together for a full year or even two (in the case of Form 4 and 5). Now there are different students in different groupings for different subjects and there’s a great mix.

And my lecturers are well – okay, I guess. I would have said they’re great, if not for my super soft-spoken-until-you-can’t-hear-her Maths lecturer Ms Tan. For Econs, my actual lecturer Brandon Chan hasn’t come in yet. I’m just extremely glad I didn’t get Lawrence Low, some super Cina-terrible at English-metro lecturer who my sis says sucks big time. Apparently he’s not that bad though, according to some of my friends under him.

At the start of the first week of lectures, I was actually considering auditing the English Literature class, conducted by the ever-so-sarcastic Ms Caroline. However, after my very first class on Monday, which was Accounts, I decided I should just stick to my current combo of Maths, Econs, Accounts and Chemistry.


Well, that’s because Mr Awang, my lecturer is one heck of a guy. Seriously. He’s not your average lecturer who just goes in to class and “bla bla bla” and what have you. As he teaches, he brings in real-life examples to make us understand and all that, which I personally feel is vital in making a student like a particular subject.

Not only that, he also told us some stories (real, again), of people who have unlimited expenditure. I mean, there was one person who “heard of the iPod” and ended up buying all three types on the spot or something like that and one Indonesian student who bought some spanking new notebook with two bodyguards at his side ready to supply him whatever amount of money he needed. Turned out he happened to be the son of the Defence Minister of Indonesia.

Now that class was totally gripping. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I listened to every word the teacher/lecturer was saying in a class.

I can’t say James Chong, my Chemistry lecturer is too bad either. Okay, so the first time he seemed like some weirdo, with his eyebrows completely white and those scientist-like specs. And then the next thing you know he’s putting on this glove while speaking to us. I don’t know about the others in my class but I certainly was paying more attention to his actions more than his speech. He also says the word ‘agree’ in a really strange way, pronouncing it “air-ghree”.

Oh, and he requested for a blackboard to use. I mean, who the hell uses blackboards to teach nowadays? It’s so primary school. His reason? “You see this marker pen? You see so many chemicals inside! Poisonous chemicals!”

Sigh. The kind of people that fill up this world. Anyway, teaching-wise I would have to say he’s pretty okay. His facts are substantial and he also brings reality in to his teaching to help us gettit.

Although after the first two days of lectures I found it was naturally difficult for everyone to mingle and get to know each other, I’m glad that after this week I got to know more people.

Meanwhile, while others have so much free time doing God knows what, I dare say I’ve been practising very hard. From my perspective, I’ve never practised this much in say, a week. Nearly the first thing I do when I get home from college, I would get the fiddle out and start making the awful and sometimes sweet sounds it makes. On normal college days, I would be practising from between four to five hours and yesterday I managed to hit six. I know, I know, tribe members reading this, you guys probably think that is NOTHING. Well, to be honest, I’ve never practised this much before.

Talking about practise, I’ve got to get back to it soon. So, in a nutshell, I’d say it’s been a fairly good start to 2008. Life has been kind to me so far. I’ve good college to look forward to, my first gig playing solo (not just me of course) at The Dram Projects at the end of the month and SWITCHFOOT LIVE IN CONCERT on Feb 2nd!

And I only hope it’ll get better.


pikyen said...

:O you're playing at switchfoot? Grats ! That's pretty awesome. heh

Jebat said...

nono! haha. i'm watching them in concert! =D

pikyen said...

hahahaha oh okay i misunderstood it then. :P
awww. that's not so bad either. hahah x)

yingxian said...

i think literature's a good subject to have : ) it'll definitely be an asset if you do well in it.

yingxian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jebat said...

haha yeah. cause students with lit are very much wanted by top universities. oh well.

sas said...

lol why got comment deleted wan

Jebat said...

dunno. =|

yingxian said...

heh. i think that would be me. i posted my comment twice, and decided to delete one. :D