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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Future Lawyer In The Making.

Okay. I just HAD to blog about this.

It was Nami's farewell on Wednesday. Yes, Thaipusam day. Yes, the holiday which was claimed (we all know why) only two days before the day itself. The day everyone went out to watch movies like Sweeney Todd and Cloverfield.

So nine of us met up at KLCC (DFP to be exact), the place we've all grown to know all too well by now. We headed towards TGV for Gameplan (yes, there was no way we could get tickets for Sweeney Todd or Cloverfield for that matter).


Hokay, so Gameplan was pretty funny at times althought kinda cheesy too. Ah well, typical Disney movie la, what you expect.

Then, you know us. We always feel kinda akward without our instruments, so we ended up standing around outside the toilet or somewhere in the middle of nowhere after the movie. And that's when we gave Nami her present and persuaded her to open it on the spot.

Check this out.

Haha, the expressions on her face say it all.

Ooo! That's me!

So then it was time for dinner. We headed to Chilli's which seems to be the only place we go to eat when we have time to burn.

The greeeeedy Myles.

Su Yin and delicious tostada chips.

WTF Nami?!

All of us.

Well, that about wraps it up. Good luck and all the best in Aussie, Nami! Study hard and we're sure you'll become a great lawyer one day. =]