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Monday, January 28, 2008

Maybe It's Called Ambition.

Okayyy, so it was my first Open Mic Gig last night at The Dram Projects.

There's only one thing I really regret after it all.

I should've called someone to watch me.

Oh well.

I played one of my older more emo songs 'Just A Smile'. Too bad I didn't get the chance to do fills with Daphne's band. I was all prepared dammit. Just proves how much damage a wee bit of miscommunication can do.

Unfortunately, it was a really informal thing, which of course isn't a problem, but when it came to my turn the bloody mic kept moving away from me so I couldn't start my performance. Minutes later, I was all set but some people had already walked out of the place. Sigh.

Plus I screwed up my intro. Luckily no one could hear it. Haha, that helps.


pikyen said...

aww those are nice pictures. :)

Jebat said...

heh. thanks. =]