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Friday, January 25, 2008

Of Taxi Drivers and Maggi Goreng.

I hardly ever take taxis.

Most of the time, I don't see the need to.

But today, after college, Debra, James, Joel and I definitely needed one. The three guys were heading to Damansara Utama for jamming at Akarkarya while Debra was off to One Utama. All four of us were 'rushing' to our respective destinations for different reasons.

Soooo, we decided to take a cab from the bus stop opposite Wisma UOA, closeby from Wisma Help.

See the thing is, we told the cab driver to stop at One Utama first to drop Debra off. When we asked him which was better, he said "Utama dulu."

So, fine. Things were going according to plan. And then, as we were approaching One Utama, the dude just turned in to a road which would lead to Damansara Utama. Confused, Debra and I were frantically telling him "One Utama, One Utama."

The next thing you know, he stopped the cab and muttered, "Semua turun sekarang."
We exchanged puzzled looks. What the fuck was going on?

Plus, the bloody cab driver wanted us to pay the 7 bucks that was on the meter. I mean, this was insane. Just because there might have been some sort of miscommunication, how could he just tell us to get the fuck out of his cab?

Anyway, not to waste time, we just paid him the cash and got out.

Seconds later..

CAB DRIVER: (opens front passenger door and points at Debra) Kurang ajar! @#$%! (swearing in Malay).

JAMES: Just walk away.

It was so stupid it was almost laughable. I nearly laughed, anyway.

So, we were stranded. But can you imagine if all four had been foreigners? I mean, this was appaling behaviour. My guess is the fella had bad sex the night before.

And after we saw Debra off at One World Hotel, the three of us looked for another cab. I asked the cab driver whether he could take us to Damansara Utama, and he actually said "OK" in a friendly, enthusiastic manner, as if to give the impression that he was excited to go to DU.

Tsk. Such a stark difference.

MmMm, does this make you hungry?

Sorry, but I'm going to be totally random right now, but I suddenly remembered the Maggi Goreng which James had, opposite Akarkarya, tasted cheesy and almost like pasta. YUM!

Jamming today was 1337. There was like a time when I was playing around with the bass, Andrew was on guitar, Aaron was fiddling with the keyboards and its effects, and James was on drums.

All of a sudden, we were like jamming this god-knows-what and it sounded so damn cool and somewhat trance-techo-ish especially with Aaron going "AaAaAa" in a very psychedellic way. Haha. Couldn't think of any other word.

Thumbs up to Returning Empty Handed too. James and I NEARLY aced the song, just the two of us playing.

So there's your story.

Crazy taxi drivers.

Cheesy, pasta-ish Maggi Goreng.



debra fong said...

retarded driver.
He needs to rot in hell: D

Anonymous said...

u can report him actually...if u need his car plate number.

Anonymous said...

if you have*

Jebat said...

yeah should have. i only vaguely remember the number plate. bah.