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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Like Today Never Happened Before.

DAMN, that was awesome.

Right from the moment the guitarists belted out the opening riff of Meant to Live, it was definitely gonna be a night to remember.

Switchfoot was simply amazing. And mind you that is an understatement. Sure, they don't have killer solos in their songs, and maybe Jon nor Drew nor Jerome have the amazing guitar ability of Matt Bellamy of Muse who made the crowd wild last year, but yet there was just something about the interaction with the crowd that made their first visit to our country oh so memorable.

Last night's concert wasn't just about them, though. Despite the fact that the San Diego quintet stole the show, true local music fans will also be very proud of the two homegrown bands that opened for Switchfoot. Lovemebutch, with superb guitarist Wing Meng (the brainchild behind Crossborders at Laundry Bar as well as the organizer of last night's event) played their hearts out first off. Then came Christian rock band Altered Frequency who got the crowd going with their mainstream choruses and hooks that got the temperature rising.

Oh, the vocalist of Altered Frequency was really lame too.

AF VOCALIST: Yeah! You guys are a great crowd man! Feels just like home! (seconds later) Oh yeah, this is home.

Another instant was when he TRIED to make his "signature" joke.

AF VOCALIST: What's the difference between falling from the 88th floor or the twin towers and falling from the first floor?

No response.

AF VOCALIST: When you fall from the 88th floor, you go AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *plop*. But when you fall from the first floor, it goes *plop*, then AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


AF VOCALIST: (preaching) ... no to drugs! ... and stuff like that la.

Anyway, the point that local bands were actually given the opportunity to perform was really great. Sadly, hardly anyone was really giving support to them. I mean, I even saw people just staring into space, some were actually texting while the bands were playing and all that. And when Altered Frequency's vocalist asked the crowd, "How many of you are local rock music fans?!" everyone went ballistic.


Back to the main event. There was once when lead vocalist Jon actually came down from the stage and held the hands of those in the crowd. Too bad I wasn't near enough. Strange thing was when he was looking into the crowd, he looked as if he was like high on drugs or something. Obviously that isn't possible, but he looked like he was in a trance or he'd just woken up or something.

What I found really inventive about the band's performance was the way they seemed to link every song to one another, such that the effect of one whole song playing throughout the one and a three quarter hours they played was created. Be it a simple guitar riff, or mysterious effects on the keyboards, the music was just interconnected brilliantly.

Halfway through American Dream, one of my personal favs, something so surreal happened. All five members stopped moving all at once and froze. The lights stopped as well, and it created this super cool effect as if they had suddenly turned to stone, with a chord ringing through the big ass speakers. I can still remember it now, Jon was kind of like squatting, Jerome was like holding a tambourine up in the air, Tim was turned to the side, Drew was I don't know doing what (haha!) and Chad had one drumstick in the air as well. They actually froze for like a minute or longer, so naturally there was enough time to observe each and every member and the pose they were in (except Drew, laughs).

There were just so many things that mostly Jon did throughout the night. There was an instance when he told everyone to take photos with their cameras at the same time and there were just so many lights flashing. Pure coolness.

Well, at the end of it all, it seems like a blur to me now. I certainly paid the price after all that excitement. I've got this funny feeling at the throat area, like as if I damaged my vocal chords or something (choi!) but I feel all that shouting and screaming and singing along was still worth it.

Come on, One Armed Productions. If you guys are able to bring in more international acts such as Switchfoot in the near future, then by all means do so.

I'll be right here standing by.

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rhema.&&* said...

Jebat jebat . the concert was awesome .

I really did NOT get the dude from Altered Frequency`s joke though =.=".

I loved the crowd interaction. Jon was amazing <3
And they managed to stay in place for so long when they were posing.
Aaaaaaah switchfoot.