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Friday, February 8, 2008

Man Devouring Man.


Chinese New Year is the time of year I don't usually look forward to.

I hardly get any ang pau.
My family and I hardly go back to Ipoh or Penang.
Reunion dinner is usually with only a few relatives.

This year was a little different though.

On the eve night, we had reunion dinner at my uncle's in Taman Tun. Instead of just seeing a few familiar faces, there were about 10 or so other relatives who turned up. We had a home cooked FEAST, which is uncommon, since we usually go to restaurants.

Yee sang from Mandarin Oriental, Johorean roast duck, seafood hot pot, sweet and sour prawns. These were the amongst the dishes we had. The atmosphere was really great too, probably because we were all toasting to several individuals (relatives) who had recently succeeded in their own thing. First doctor in the family, high scorer for IB, double-major graduate, NUS-hopeful (haha).

Because we had reunion dinner at a home and the maid obviously wouldn't have been able to wash up all the dishes, the four 'kids' did the washing up. Me, my sis, and my two cousins were the 'slaves' for the night. The good thing was it barely felt like chores, as the spirit of working together got us through.

Now, I was wrong. Initially I was unsure whether gambling would actually take place. Nevertheless, I had brought my cards anyway, and so once all the dishes had been washed by us 'slaves', we got it on. Sadly though, there were only about six of us gambling. Plus, the bets were small, so I felt obliged to follow as well. Eventually, I only lost a few bucks. POTONG.

After countless rounds of Blackjack, we decided to stop and move on to another game involving different kind of cards, Billionaire. It's really fun and my cousins and I have been playing it since young. We traded and traded cards and the second I won the game, the clock struck 12 and all my relatives were on their feet wishing each other "Happy New Year". Officially. A sign of great things, perhaps? xD

The next day (or rather, hours later), we went to my grand uncle's place in Damansara Heights and chatted with some other relatives. I woke up so late that I didn't have time to eat anything before going to the house, so I ended up filling myself with the usual cookies there.

After visiting, just my family and I had a vegetarian lunch in Section 17 which was practically like a ghost town. Just proves the point that KL is a great place to be in during CNY.

We went over to my uncle's place from the night before and picked up my two cousins and we headed to Pavilion. We were expecting the roads to be super clear and they were, up to a point when we reached KL. Then, suddenly my cousin needed to do his business. BIG business.

It was so funny, cause we had to stop at DBKL which was the nearest building. My cousin had told me the building was like a 5-star hotel (tsk tsk, we citizens are the ones providing the funds), so I wanted to go down and check it out.

Upon getting out of the car, we were 'greeted' when these two fellas walked out of the building and kind of like shouted at us in a really uncivilized manner asking us where we wanted to go, as if we were like a bunch of robbers or something.

Pissed, we walked in and started looking for the toilet. Then there were these officers or whatever at the main counter who were apparently 'doing work' who also asked us where we were going. And later, when my sis and I were just waiting outside the toilet for our cousins, a woman just walked by and said, "nak masuk, masuk sama sekali la!" *cackles*. Biatch.

Well, our excursion to DBKL turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we ended up taking a different route to Pavilion, minus the jam. Once we got there, my mum started lining up for J. Co while we went towards the shops.

The rest of the time there was spent shopping for a bag for my cousin, rushing to GSC and hoping to get tickets to Sweeney Todd but giving up, listening to the live band play a mixture of CNY as well as modern tunes and eating J. Co donuts by the side. By then it was only about 6 something, so we all decided to have a drink at Coffee Bean.

We were just chilling when suddenly someone suggested we play the game Charades. Since the shop was kind of empty, the rest of us didn't mind. The game was fun, and after rounds and rounds of acting out sentences such as "He died from myocardial infarction", "The social deconstruction of Sweeney Todd" among others, we managed to work up an appetite for dinner.

There was a place we had been eyeing since arriving at Pavilion, and it was called Pastamania, with the tagline "Quick Casual Dining". Little did we know it was self-service until we actually walked in. Nonetheless though, the prices were super reasonable and came in fair portions.

Today I finally watched Sweeney Todd.

It was dark.
It was gory.
It was awesome.

Johnny Depp played the demon barber really convincingly, in my opinion. What really caught my ears was the music as a whole, though. Steven Sondheim is a true genius. Especially the opening orchestration was just amazing.

Sure, the quality of the singing was no where near the staged musical, but what would you expect from actors who aren't trained singers?

Imagine eating a pie after watching the movie. Ha-ha.