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Friday, February 15, 2008

Take This Heart and Let It Die Slow.

It's a normal day. Traffic's clear. Nothing spectacular about today.

So your dad/mum/driver/friend or whoever is driving while you are the passenger.

Traffic light. It's red. Your car is first in line. The driver just has a momentary lapse in concentration.

It's green. The driver doesn't realise it's green probably because he/she is still spaced out or in the case of mums, looking at themselves in the mirror to check their lipstick.

PON! A car from behind honks.

DRIVER: Geez man. Impatient betul (or something along those lines).

Now think about this. In the original scenario, your car is first in line at the lights. If your car happens to be second/third in line and the car in front doesn't realise the lights have turned green, don't you think you would do the same thing?

So what's up with drivers (parents in particular) who assume drivers behind who honk are impatient when they themselves do that when they are in the situation stated?

Another case study goes like this.

Those who are from HELP will know what I'm talking about.

From the main road going towards KL, there is a left turning into Wisma HELP which Wisma UOA overlooks. On most mornings, it's pretty jammed. Since there's only one lane for turning in, cars virtually line up to turn in. Sometimes, there are shuttle buses which go to and from Main Block which make things even slower.

So imagine this. The driver is approaching this turn in. Whether or not you are late for your class, the driver is bound to go all the way to the turning itself, cut in to the lane, and beat tens of cars to it.

Dirty Malaysians.

But think about it, if your car was the one 'lining up' in the queue to turn in, and suddenly this car passes you on the right, goes all the way up to the turning, would you feel pissed?

DRIVER: Stupid la all these people. Cutting in, cutting in.


Okay. I don't really know where this is going.

Omg. Some random Daniel Tan spent RM 54,000 on his marriage proposal. Tsk.

The waterfall of money.

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