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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Add Layers to Reality.

Things are heating up in A-Levels at HELP.

For this past week, the candidates running for the A-Levels Student Council have been busy campaigning for their respective posts.

And by about 4 pm, their hard work would have either paid off or gone to waste.

Well, maybe not totally gone to waste, but only one candidate will come out tops when the votes have been counted, and will then take up that post.

I must say, I have seen some really fun, interesting and innovative ideas going into all the campaigning going on.

You have candidates baking cookies and cupcakes for the students, tagging as many HELP students in their campaign photo on Facebook, and even having a bashed up car out on display outside Wisma HELP to attract people's attention. Comics and poems come in handy too. The list goes on and on.

Then there are those who make designs for shirts with words which are aimed at their fellow students, urging them to vote them. Sandwich boards filled with posters are another innovative idea, with their friends taking turns to have it on them. Badges also help candidates to campaign effectively. Nearly every candidate has his or her poster(s) up on notice boards.

This is simply a gist of what's been happening for the last few days. But, it can't be denied, that it all comes down to tomorrow, when the candidates are to give their 2 minute speech to a huge audience. This is when they will make it, or break it.

For now, kudos to them for their hard work.

For tomorrow, all the best. It's very likely your speech will inspire people.

In a big way.


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