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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dare To Be Different.

Will all of this be worth it?

Will all of this hard work pay off?

No. This is not about my audition. THAT is over and done with.

I was just watching tv last night, and this advertisement started. Too lazy to switch channels, I sat there slouched, half consciously watching the ad. There were the words on the screen: "apa maksud damai" and scenes or pictures of people in some overseas countries starving, by the roadside.

The ad continued with "apa maksud something" which i can't seem to remember now, with more and more shots of the above being shown. I was kinda curious at the objective of this ad. At that moment in time, I guessed it must be to do with some association of peace or something. The questions running around in my head were answered moments later.

VOTE FOR PEACE. If I recall correctly these were the words I saw across the tv screen. Below it, the logo of Barisan Nasional.

And that's what this post about.

Related to this ad which I just saw, Raja Petra, a very popular name amongst Malaysians for running Malaysia Today the website, said recently that the government is comparing Malaysia to Nigeria. Or something along those lines at least. What Raja Petra said was, we're nowhere near as bad as Nigeria in many ways, but if we continue this way, we will even become like Nigeria!

And this brings me to another segment which has more to do with the polling processeso of this huge, drawn out, political topic. Apparently there are people registered to vote who are born in the year such as 1888. Yes. 1888. Not 1988. And the thing is, these 'people' have the new 10-digit IC numbers, something which was only introduced some 10 years ago. How is this possible? 120 year old people voting? With new IC numbers? Just proves what some people would do just to secure a two-thirds majority.

Just yesterday, the Elections Commission called off the plan to use indelible ink on polling day. Indelible ink would have been used after a person votes. That person's fingernail would be marked with the indelible ink, which signifies that that particular person has already voted. However, with the abolition of this plan, we all pretty much know what the dominating party in this country are capable of doing. The most relevant guess would be that their people would have their names registered at numerous polling stations, and since there will be no more use of indelible ink, this would mean those people can vote more than once.

I randomly went up to four of my friends today. I asked them, Opposition or Barisan? All four told me, Opposition. Just awhile ago, I was wondering, if all eight of their parents voted Opposition, there might not be much point anyway. After all, one person could potentially vote Barisan nine times. Sigh.

Yesterday, Dr Chandra Muzaffar slammed Anwar, saying it would be a disaster if he were PM. Today, it's Nalla, an old tennis buddy of Anwar's. Not just that, i turned to the first few pages of The Star today and saw these headlines:

"Abdullah slams Anwar"

"Ong: Don't fall for Opposition"

"BN: Don't be taken in by Anwar"

"MCA: Opposition behind offending SMS"

"PAS' Controversial Statements"

Five headlines. All to do with opposition. All five are negative. And the fact is, Anwar isn't even standing since he has yet to receive exemption after his jail sentence. The media is only publicising stories that benefit Barisan, and kutuk-ing the Opposition. Like even on the page where they have various photos taken by random people who submit their photos, practically all the photos are filled with Barisan flags. In some way or another.

And in yesterday's Metro, the front page had a photo of the Ryan Giggs and John Terry Celcom billboard along with other models with Barisan flags 'strategically planted' above the heads of the people on the billboard. Plus, the insanely stupid thing was they said "It seems like even EPL stars like John Terry of Chelsea and Ryan Giggs of Manchester United have made their preference on which party they are vouching for in the 12th General election." It's so not funny, it's shameful.

So, WILL all of this be worth it?

WILL all of this hard work pay off?

Well, I suppose I wasted my time distributing PKR leaflets to so many houses yesterday.


oXYmoroN© said...

Welcome to the world of Malaysian politics.

dylanlee said...

I've also been distributing all those leaflets! My family covered the whole of BU 11!

vanessa said...

OI. cant u mention names ah. i asked VANESSA MY SUPER COOL FRIEND and she said opposition.

Jebat said...

dylan : yeah i know that we were talking about it in the car remember. haha.

vanessa : yeah yeah whatever. =D

Anonymous said...

hahaha and more cooler friend dinesh and he said opposition too! lol. anyway jebat hate to say it but all these posts about our country's political issues actually make ur blog more interesting!