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Sunday, March 9, 2008

PM: ‘We’ve lost, we’ve lost’

A new dawn for Malaysia.

Or is it?

With the Oposition denying Barisan Nasional the crucial two-thirds majority in yesterday's General Election, one has to wonder whether this is a good thing or not.

Sure, I have been taking the stand for the Opposition for the last few weeks, leading up to the elections. However, are we ready for change? Are Malaysians up for this?

There is probably no definite answer to that.

Last night and this morning, BN lost control of five states which fell to the opposition - Perak, Kelantan, Selangor, Penang and Kedah. As DAP, PKR and PAS rejoiced, the incumbent leaders were left to ponder on how this could have happened.

But when you think about it, this was the decision of the majority of the people of those states. It was the people who voted. It was the people who decided. It was the people who were fed up. It was people who wanted to teach BN a lesson. It was the people who did their part.

And after all, it is the people who have a right to vote, to decide.

BN's loss in Kelantan was huge, losing 39 parliamentary seats out of 45 which fell by a huge majority to PAS. In Penang, DAP ruled supreme. Selangor was taken over by the three Opposition parties, in fairly tight proportion.

What do these successes/losses (depending on whose point of view it is looked at from) indicate? Oh so much. Still though, BN has managed to retain various other states such as Johor, Terengganu, Perlis and the two East Malaysian states with ease. Now, just imagine if the Opposition had managed to win at least, say 15 more seats throughout those states, the overall majority BN would obtain would be barely anything.

As it is, the Opposition has just managed to deny BN the two-thirds. That is already an achievement in itself. People ask me, what does this mean to us now, since Selangor has been taken over by the Opposition? Honestly, I don't know. I'm just like you. We're all waiting to see what will happen in time to come.

Yesterday, while at my Pondok Panas duty, there were people telling us, "Must win la, we will win," and I could sense at my particular polling station, there was greater support for PKR, compared to BN.

My instincts were vindicated, as R. Sivarasa of PKR beat S. Murugesan of BN for the Subang Parliamentary seat, while Elizabeth Wong, also of PKR trashed Wong Dai Ying with a ratio of 2:1.

There were huge defeats. Chew Mei Fun lost by a whopping 19,000 votes to Tony Phua of DAP at Petaling Jaya Utara. Samy Vellu lost on his 'birthday', in his territory to D. Jeyakumar by a small margin. Shahrizat Abdul Jalil lost in Lembah Pantai to Nurul Izzah of PKR.

So many stories, so many highlights. The Opposition may not have literally won, but what happened last night was enough to give us encouragement for the future, it felt as if we really had won.

So, A new dawn for Malaysia?

Only time will tell.

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