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Sunday, March 30, 2008


I'm lucky.

I can't believe I just said that. I rarely do. But after yesterday, I have to admit, I am lucky, in a way.

The string quartet I'm in was given the opportunity to perform our Haydn again, this time at some school in Putrajaya, for their graduation ceremony.

The school has their own string ensemble, with an addition of guitars, percussions and keyboard to their set up. Now without any elaborated details, one may think that since it's in Putrajaya and all, the ensemble must be pretty impressive, right?

Well, you may not necessaraly be thinking that, and it's sad to say that they aren't of the standard to be called impressive.

Before our performance, we watched the ensemble from backstage. For me, the main issue was with the intonation and technique. The F#s sounded like Fs almost everytime they played. I also noticed some players in the ensemble who obviously hadn't been taught the right technique to hold the bow and what not.

Nevertheless, there were some positives. There was this one double bassist who looked really into the music, which is always very encouraging. Also, there weren't too many problems rhythm-wise.

Too bad the hall was like any other regular school hall. Non air-conditioned, echoey. Because of that, we had to be mic-ed up for our performance.

This was a classic case of money not well spent. The government pumps money into this school for these purposes, which include even buying of instruments, and for tutors to come in and teach the students music. At the end of the day, what happens? The students have little motivation to play. They are not even of an average standard, when it comes to a music ensemble.

So what's the point of all that funding, when it will go down the drain anyway?

On a lighter note, congratulations to the newly A-Levels Student Council. Let's hope Jason Chow and his team can carry out their duties to the fullest. Although very few of the candidates I voted for won for their respective posts, it's still good to see the practice of democracy among the students, plus all the successful candidates are very capable individuals anyway. I'm sure that the chosen line-up will make us A-Levels students proud throughout our time here at HELP.


thelastcadenza said...

hi jebat hebat, you got tagged! by me!

kalkx said...

jebat, link me in ur blog la... i suddenly wanna be a blogger

yingxian said...

heyyy! are you interested in performing?? :) if you are, please come for the auditions! i advertised it on my blog! or if you know anyone else who might be interested call them to just come alright? :)