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Monday, March 17, 2008

Wear Misery's Crown.

Dec 13th 2007.

The last concert of the week-long MPYO tour, at our beloved DFP. Coincidentally, the night of DJ Prom too, followed by the after party.

I made a brave decision that night.

And I will never look back.

But then again sometimes, I do. I think back and wonder. Would it have been worth it to go for the after party with my DJ friends, so abruptly after the final concert of an exhausting, yet satisfying time with my fellow musicians?

There was no way I was going for prom, but the after party was a different agenda, really. In fact, that morning itself, I was planning to scoot from Hotel Flamingo after returning from DFP, and probably take a cab to Asia Heritage.

Some part at the back of my mind told me not to. I followed my conscience, and it has made all the difference.

14th March 2008.

The MPYO Chamber Recital. At the same time, the A-Levels Fiesta, a much anticipated event in the eyes of the new intake, particularly.

I made another brave decision that night.

It was 7.30 pm. I had already performed in my quartet. I came out of DFP. I waited outside for my dad to arrive. Yu Szen called me. I could tell he was anxious. "Performance very soon. 20 or 30 mins." I assured him I would make it there on time, and told him to try and delay the performance.

By 7.45, my it started raining. I noticed the jam going out from KLCC was atrocious. There was no point. There was no way I was going to make it for the performance. Missed out on the chance to perform in the first real event of the year.

So if you were me, you would've gone anyway, right? I mean, perform or not, you still would've gone for the event, regardless of the fact that you'd be late, and drenched.

But see, I'm not you. I didn't. I put my foot down. I told myself, there are some things which are more important to me. There are some things more important than just witnessing people getting bid on for large sums (large to me) of money. Sure, it's all in good fun, I admit that, but at that very moment in time, that wasn't my priority.

From what I say here, it must be extremely clear as what these camps do to me. I've said this before. It's not just about playing, it's also about the company of friends. It's not just about the experience of playing chamber music, it's also about realising what life is really all about.

I may have missed out on all the happenings in college, leading up to the fiesta. Instead, I got high (not drunk) on vodka for the first time, something perhaps many of you have already experienced.

I may have missed out on most of the post-election news. Instead, I got to gossip with friends about the latest news within the orchestra.

I may have missed out on performing at the fiesta with my buds Yu Szen, Adrian and Nigel. Instead, I managed to perform in a string quartet, in front of packed crowds on both Friday night as well as Saturday afternoon.

I may have been too preoccupied with the camp that when I received my below-par (in my opinion, anyway) results, I didn't shed a tear. Instead, I naturally shed tears while doing something I love most, playing and listening to the music around me (hint hint Jia Rong).

I may have missed out on post-SPM results outings. Instead, I made it back in time for lunch with one of my best pals, a retarded gay (joking, Kit Leong) who had just arrived from Penang for the camp.

No, I'm not here to write an essay about the camp (as Tiki says). Instead, click here for Tiki's post. Ah, the irony.

All in all, it was another one of those, music-driven, staying-up-til-late playing PS2, cards and what not, fun-filled, company-abundance (is this the right term?) camps.

Thing is, I have to be completely honest, I wish I would never grow up. I wish this could be my life everyday. I wish I could live like this forever. I wish I would always be young, with the opportunity to see all my friends this young too.

Okay. That's kinda exaggerating it.



dylanlee said...

Another good one. *tears*

oXYmoroN© said...

Man, you were sooo drunk... At least you can imagine how relieved I was when my friend told me I didn't need to play for his audition and I didn't have to skip one day of camp.

BohemianStar said...

hahaha yeah. I got you.. don't have to hint~~ Hahaha. just kidding. And boy was you so drunk that I have to splash cold water on you~ sorry to have got you wet man. LOL.

Decisions are what we are doing every single second in our life. So, once you have set your mind in something, Never EVER Regret. haha.

Good post. Love it. *SMILES*

daydreamer said...

nice post.*smiles*

Kárl Löuis said...

hi, what makes you think I'm connected to the MPYO? I've got a few friends in there, that's all. Mind to intro?

Kárl Löuis said...

I *don't* really know James. It's just that we study at the same school. But we don't talk. I know Zhao Feng very well though... Why don't you get a Cbox?

sofia said...

This is Win Zee (wonder if you still remember o_O) and I saw you performing in the recital on Saturday haha.