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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dina once said to me something like, "I like reading your blog, you write about issues based on your opinion, not just about daily life."

Sadly though, I haven't had a post in which I feel opiniated about something in a pretty long time. So, I've decided to write about two issues happening right now in this world.

Okay. Nothing too serious. First up, American Idol.

I only started watching this season seriously, (as in each performance) since last week. Sure, before that, I did watch several key performances on Youtube, such as David Archuleta's Imagine amongst others.

And to be honest, I had never really heard the phenomenon David Cook that much until recently. And this is where I place my bets on him to be the next Idol. The rocker (oh no, not the rocker jinx again) really brings something else to the show. His amazingly original and bold arrangement and rendition of Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby was experimental to the fore. And the great thing was, it worked. Everyone knows about his Billie Jean, similar to Chris Cornell's version, which he pulled off extremely well too. And for the record, I prefered Cook's version to Cornell's. Last week's Music of the Night was so amazing in its own way. So subtle, yet so powerful. And this week, Cook performed two lesser known songs by legend Neil Diamond. Yet again, superb.

The other David, (eight years his junior, and the youngest contestant), has also been making waves, especially among the girls. In my opinion, the boy isn't quite ready to win the competition. I'm not being biased towards Cook or anything, but I personally feel although Archuleta has a unique voice, he just isn't as accomplished a performer and in general as a musician, for that matter.

I won't elaborate much on the other male contestant, Jason Castro. In fact, I hope he goes out before the next round. The dude seems totally uninspired during his performances of late. Apparently he has a large fan base and all, but so what? His vocals are pretty normal, but his arrangements are plain and dull. I particularly disliked his performance last week of Memory, from the musical CATS. In fact, I would rather have seen a female singer perform it rather than him.

Then we come to the girls. Syesha Mercado and Brooke White are the only remaining ladies, after Carly's exit last week, which I particularly disagreed with. Neither of these two contestants are among the strong ones left. Both are pretty much extreme opposites. Syesha is probably the contestant who has improved in the last two weeks, whereas Brooke has gotten worse since, from what I remember, her great performance of Let It Be weeks ago. Last week, Brooke forgot the lyrics to her song at the beginning. However, the thing about her is that she manages to convey the message of a song really well. Unfortunately, this week wasn't a strong week for her either. Syesha, meanwhile redeemed herself with her version of One Rock & Roll Too Many last week, which saw her very comfortable. And once again this week she proved she was ready to put the past behind her with performances worthy enough of seeing it out to the next round.


Jason and Brooke in the bottom 2 this week.

Cook to win by a mile.

However, if the voters are aiming to vote based on popularity, there is an extremely high chance for Archuleta to win.

My vote goes to Cook though.

Yeah right, if only I could vote.


Next, the English Premier League.

Or football concerning Manchester United, for that matter.

For those who know, I have been a Manchester United for nearly ten years. I do have to admit, this club is definitely extremely commercialised across the globe. Heck, there are even Manchester United biscuits in stores!

But I would like to say, I do not support Manchester United because they are winners. In actual fact, the year I started supporting Man Utd was the year Arsenal won the league, though I can't recall exactly which year. Since then, I have never looked back.

And at this very point in time, Man Utd are on Cloud 9. Barely 18 hours ago, Paul Scholes fired them into the UEFA Champions League final for the first time since the 98/99 season in which they won the treble. Scholes' goal against Barcelona has set up an all-English final with either rivals Liverpool or Chelsea, who happen to be hot on Man Utd's heels in the Premier League.

Which brings me to the main topic.

Man Utd play brilliant attacking football. This season, the triangle of footballing genius, Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney have struck up a magical formula which has seen Man Utd showcase some amazing football, really. Ronaldo in particular has been in the form of his life. Apart from being voted the PFA Player of the Year, he has scored 28 goals in the league and 38 in all competitions. With six more he would equal Ruud van Nistelrooy's all-time record of 44 in a season.

Nevertheless, equalling or outdoing that record should not and I'm pretty sure will not be the Portugese winger's priority, going into the final two matches. Man Utd only lead the table on goal difference ahead of Chelsea, who taught them a lesson last Saturday, by beating them 2-1 at Stamford Bridge. With the Red Devils' next match against bogey team West Ham, Sir Alex Ferguson's men will have to be on their toes throughout to secure a win.

Arsenal are the team yet again left without a trophy this season. At one point, things were looking so bright for Arsene Wenger's side. Cesc Fabregas was rated as Europe's top midfielder, while Emmanuel Adebayor was doing a good job of filling in the shoes of departed striker Thierry Henry to Barcelona. The Gunners even led the league for the majority of the season, while Man Utd and Chelsea crept up behind them steadily.

Jose Mourinho shocked the world of English football when he left the club (sacked or left on his account, I'm still unsure) after a home draw with Rosenborg in the Champions League group stage, early on in the season. Avram Grant took over the reigns, but Chelsea did not look like potential champions at all. Needless to say, they have all the right in the world to feel proud with the fact that they are very much in contention right now to steal the title away from Man Utd.

One big problem for Man Utd has been consistency. In relation to that as well, complacency. The two C's have really made it difficult for Man Utd over the past few years. There are games when they play so well, score tons of goals, and there are games in which they concede cheap goals and things just don't go their way, and they end up losing. The complacent side of Man Utd has been displayed many a time in the last decade or so as well.


Ronaldo to just about hit the 40 mark.

Liverpool to knock Chelsea out in the Champions League semis tonight, but to lose out to Man Utd in the final.

The race for the EPL is a really tough one. I'm not gonna put my money on Man Utd, but I really hope and believe that they will pull through and retain the title.


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