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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So even without even knowing for sure, I conclude that the next American Idol is David Archuleta.

Simon said it himself. It was a knockout. Unfortunately, David Cook didn't quite stand up to the challenge. Not quite the right song choices. And plus, Archuleta performed his favourite song Imagine as his last of three, which was practically his 'winning' song. Cook on the other hand decided not to sing a song he had done before. Pity, cause if he had done say Billie Jean, round 3 could well have been tighter.

But it wasn't to be. All rounds quite obviously went to the 17 year-old, and it would really take a great deal to stop him from being crowned the next Idol.

Don't get me wrong. I am not against and do not despise Archuleta. I am a Cook supporter, but I firmly believe that this was a perfectly fitting final with the two best, most consistent contestants throughout this year's installment.

Maybe this proves something, that when one dares to be different, when one dares to reach beyond the boundaries, when one dares to be original, it doesn't always pay off. This pretty much sums up David Cook. In my opinion which was similar to all three judges', Cook was possibly the most original contestant Idol has ever seen. I was sorely disappointed, watching him belt out those three songs, and not quite stamping his mark on them ultimately with his own version.

Someone who wrote in The Star last week said David Cook's version of Billie Jean was 'copied' from Chris Cornell's version. I would have to disagree with this, because from what I listened to, the two versions weren't close enough to be called 'carbon-copies' of each other. I would say David Cook's version was 'inspired' by Chris Cornell's, not 'copied'.

But Cook didn't live up to the hype surrounding him. He didn't choose Billie Jean for his last song, when he should have. But there you go, how did he respond to it? "I wanted to do something I hadn't done before" (or something along those lines, at least). A true mark of a true artist who dares to take risks.

And for the young Archuleta, I still think that Imagine is possibly the only song in his repertoire that he actually managed to significantly play around with to call it his own. He's a really good voice, no doubt, plus he's really heart-felt and earnest, but apart from Imagine, I don't think he does much to the songs he performs, week in week out. Sorry, Archie.

After considering this case again, maybe it is better for David Cook not to win Idol. Why? Well, simply because there is a chance that he may just become one of those, singing songs he doesn't really want to. Cause that's what happens when you win a competition like this. You are under pressure from producers to come up with something that suits the market more than yourself. Just look at past winners. Then look at past runners-up or simply non-winners.

So it seems Archuleta has it made.

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dylanlee said...

Dun dun dunnnnn! Cook won!