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Thursday, May 22, 2008


May the best man win, they say.

And how fucking glad I was when it was announced that David Cook was the next American Idol.

On the other side of the world, Manchester United beat Chelsea in a penalty shootout to clinch the UEFA Champions League title.


But first, to Idol.

Cook's win was totally unexpected, really. I thought that it was David Archuleta who performed better the night before, and who had the largest fan base right from the beginning.


Ryan Seacrest announced at the beginning of the show that one of the Davids (the winner) had claimed 56% of the votes, while the other had the remaining 44%. And there I was thinking, yeah yeah, that 56% is Archie's.

David Cook has arguably been the most interesting, original contestant this season. Damn, how many times have I said that. It's the truth though, and finally Cook fans and I have been vindicated. Ah, contentment.

But if you think about it, there really isn't THAT big a difference. Regardless of whether Archuleta had won it or not, the young man is gonna become a star anyway. And so will the other top 12 finalists.

For now though, I'm savouring Cook's victory.

Complacency and poor luck.

I was absolutely incensed when Frank Lampard scored Chelsea's equaliser close to half time. A while earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo had scored with a brilliant header to put the Devils ahead, but yet again, complacency crept in.

No surprise, really. Carlos Tevez missed two great opportunities, as United dominated in possession and in terms of clear-cut chances. I began to feel nervous, as Chelsea did gain some confidence getting forward.

Things continued in Chelsea's favour from the second half onwards, with Drogba hitting the post, and the Blues the better side in general. In extra-time, Lampard could have got the second, as he hit the bar with an instinctive shot, but then silly old Didier Drogba got himself involved in something so meaningless, giving Nemanja Vidic a little slap on the face, and inevitably getting sent off.

Drogba would definitely have been a clear penalty taker, but even without him,
Chelsea still looked strong.

And after the first four penalties put in by both sides, at 2-2, the 'best player in the world' Ronaldo stepped up to take his pen. And I was very unsurprised he had it saved. Ronaldo had finally stepped up to such a huge occasion as this one by scoring the opening goal, but that penalty miss will surely leave the pundits wondering whether he really is worthy of being the best player in the world. I still think he is, though.

Chelsea looked set to clinch victory. Captain John Terry strode forward, and somehow missed. I was elated, but to be honest, after the shootout, just watching Terry in tears on the ground made me feel sorry for him. I mean, let's salute Terry, he got injured only like 10 days ago, and yet he did his best to make sure he was fit for the final. That indicates such dedication from the captain to his club.

Mr. Milestone Ryan Giggs scored the pen which ultimately sealed the win, before Nicolas Anelka saw his penalty saved by United keeper Edwin Van der Sar.

Champions of England.

Champions of Europe.

The best team in the world.



Kárl Löuis said...

Hi, just droppin' by. Remember me? I totally agree with you on David Cook! Finally America *does* do something right.

Scribbles said...

I heard Sony BMG signed both of them, and DA was signed for more than DC. I don't know how far it's true, though.

DA has pure, raw talent, and I like him better than DC. But still, I'm glad that Cook won. I actually wanted Cook to win, being under the delusion that DA's life might go back to normal. >.>

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, I don't think everything should be about the performance the night before or whatever shit.
It should be about who is the consistent one.
The one that did the best overall.
Cook always has something up his sleeves.
He's fresh and I guess you can say, vibrant and colourful?
However, Archuleta on the other hand, bluerghhhhh.
I have no freaking idea what people see in him?
Other than his voice, he doesn't appeal much.
He's boring and dull and he can't even sing songs his own age, for goodness sake!

Anyway, I'm just uber(do people still use that? haha) glad that Cook won!
Boo Archuleta :|

lin said...