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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Is it just me, or -

No, I think it's true.

There are fewer cars on the roads nowadays. So maybe, just maybe, the recent petrol price hike is kind of a good thing.

I've always had this perception that to reduce road congestion, the government should like have this quota of number of cars on the road. I know it's easier said than done, but seriously, it would actually help a lot.

41% was a huge increase. I mean, at one go. But as mentioned the good thing that has come out of it is that people have finally realised, it's public transport time.

I, for one take public transport whenever I can and especially if I'm traveling alone, e.g. bus from college, LRT to other places. And I have to say, although our public transport facilities aren't in tip top shape, they're actually underrated. I mean, what's so bad about the LRT, apart from the fact that the lines don't extend into certain parts of the Klang Valley? Trains do come every few minutes, which makes it that bit better than the buses which could come anytime in the next five minutes of fifty.

We can only wonder why the government didn't decide on creating more stations earlier. I mean, the current plan is probably gonna be put into action like, next year, and be completed in four years time. That is far too long. In four years time this country could, or rather will become net importers of petroleum! We have to slow down this economic effect a lot quicker.

Damn, I'm sounding like some environmental activist or something.

The papers actually reported that more people were taking public transport now and that there has been a decrease in number of cars on the roads. It is evident. I can see it with my own eyes, I just hope this will continue for the better.

If I'm not wrong, there have been certain measures taken to 'increase' capacity of the trains, by taking away some of the seats in the trains. That day I was taking the LRT from Kelana Jaya and usually, regardless of the time, when I enter I get to sit down since it is the first stop of the line. This time though, it was so packed right from the start. At KLCC, there were tons of people lining up to get on to the trains.

So if you're alone, and you need to go somewhere near, cycle there. If you're alone, and you need to go somewhere far, and your destination happens to be near an LRT station, take the LRT.

What the hell is this post for.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Conductor Kevin Field said to us a few months back, "The violists are endangered species".

According to him, the ideal number of violists in an orchestra should be 12. During the last camp, there were only five at one point.


It happened a few months ago, March to be precise. After the first camp of the year, and after all the things that people were telling me (you've got long fingers, a viola looks like a violin on you, etc.), I went home and said to myself, I might actually switch my major to viola.

And in a matter of days, I was loaned a viola by my ex-teacher's student, who also happens to be my current teacher's friend. I began playing it, getting the hang of reading the alto clef, while still focusing on the violin.

Then I was loaned another one. And at around the same time, I was asked to participate in a chamber group, merely as a replacement for a friend of mine who was busy. Only after a couple of practices, I was made the violist of that group. So I went to the last camp, playing violin in the orchestra, and viola for chamber rehearsals. In the middle of the camp I actually was called upon to replace my friend again in another chamber group, because of some difficulties that arose.

It was inevitable. Before the chamber concert, one of the administrators spoke to me about joining the viola section for the next camp in August. I was given the time to think about it and to eventually respond. For the past two weeks or so, I had been thinking about whether to join the section, as a favour to the orchestra, or not. A few days ago, a message for all the orchestra members, sent from Kevin Field himself actually had special mention of me in it, regarding the same matter.

Last night, it was decided. I am going to join them.

For the mean time, I suppose I will be missing the splendour of that glorious E string, and missing the chances to play those beautiful melodies on the violin in the orchestra. But I do look at this as a part win-win situation. I help the orchestra, I get the opportunity and experience to play another instrument in an orchestra. How many people can say that?

Til today I still wonder how it all actually, and exactly happened. Things fell into place, I suppose. This doesn't mean though, that I will be in the viola section until I quit the orchestra. I do aim to return to the violins sections in the future. After all, it is still my major.

Endangered species?

Looks like it's time for some environmental saving.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008


Happiness has fled. The feeling of emptiness fills my soul.

Yesterday was my birthday. And it really was a very strange one. It seems my last two birthdays have been spent away from home. Last year I was at the pretty forgettable LEO Forum, and this year it was the last day of MPYO Camp.

To all Tribal members and others, thanks for all the wishes, the presents and cake, and everything else in between. I had never felt that previliged in some time.

Last night going back on the LRT, I just felt so emo. Reminiscing about the good times we had over the last week or so, things fell apart.

Things just weren't the same when I arrived home. While I was unpacking my stuff, I could imagine you guys having fun on the 'infamous' last night, and the thought simply killed me inside. Even now as I post this, it seems as if my sigh is deep and my shoulders are weak.

This camp has got to be the best camp ever since Tronoh. I think about it now and still wonder, which one topped which. I mean, there were so many facilities available. Pool, karaoke, badminton, squash, internet, computers. All FREE. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that this was one of the best camps since the MPYO started.

But now, it's all over.

August is simply TOO far away for my liking.