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Monday, June 2, 2008


Happiness has fled. The feeling of emptiness fills my soul.

Yesterday was my birthday. And it really was a very strange one. It seems my last two birthdays have been spent away from home. Last year I was at the pretty forgettable LEO Forum, and this year it was the last day of MPYO Camp.

To all Tribal members and others, thanks for all the wishes, the presents and cake, and everything else in between. I had never felt that previliged in some time.

Last night going back on the LRT, I just felt so emo. Reminiscing about the good times we had over the last week or so, things fell apart.

Things just weren't the same when I arrived home. While I was unpacking my stuff, I could imagine you guys having fun on the 'infamous' last night, and the thought simply killed me inside. Even now as I post this, it seems as if my sigh is deep and my shoulders are weak.

This camp has got to be the best camp ever since Tronoh. I think about it now and still wonder, which one topped which. I mean, there were so many facilities available. Pool, karaoke, badminton, squash, internet, computers. All FREE. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that this was one of the best camps since the MPYO started.

But now, it's all over.

August is simply TOO far away for my liking.

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