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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Conductor Kevin Field said to us a few months back, "The violists are endangered species".

According to him, the ideal number of violists in an orchestra should be 12. During the last camp, there were only five at one point.


It happened a few months ago, March to be precise. After the first camp of the year, and after all the things that people were telling me (you've got long fingers, a viola looks like a violin on you, etc.), I went home and said to myself, I might actually switch my major to viola.

And in a matter of days, I was loaned a viola by my ex-teacher's student, who also happens to be my current teacher's friend. I began playing it, getting the hang of reading the alto clef, while still focusing on the violin.

Then I was loaned another one. And at around the same time, I was asked to participate in a chamber group, merely as a replacement for a friend of mine who was busy. Only after a couple of practices, I was made the violist of that group. So I went to the last camp, playing violin in the orchestra, and viola for chamber rehearsals. In the middle of the camp I actually was called upon to replace my friend again in another chamber group, because of some difficulties that arose.

It was inevitable. Before the chamber concert, one of the administrators spoke to me about joining the viola section for the next camp in August. I was given the time to think about it and to eventually respond. For the past two weeks or so, I had been thinking about whether to join the section, as a favour to the orchestra, or not. A few days ago, a message for all the orchestra members, sent from Kevin Field himself actually had special mention of me in it, regarding the same matter.

Last night, it was decided. I am going to join them.

For the mean time, I suppose I will be missing the splendour of that glorious E string, and missing the chances to play those beautiful melodies on the violin in the orchestra. But I do look at this as a part win-win situation. I help the orchestra, I get the opportunity and experience to play another instrument in an orchestra. How many people can say that?

Til today I still wonder how it all actually, and exactly happened. Things fell into place, I suppose. This doesn't mean though, that I will be in the viola section until I quit the orchestra. I do aim to return to the violins sections in the future. After all, it is still my major.

Endangered species?

Looks like it's time for some environmental saving.


BohemianStar said...

"Endangered species?

Looks like it's time for some environmental saving."

I love this phrase! haha.

Good to hear that you have finally decided :D and I'm sure its gonna be just as fun as playing all the melodious line in the first violin.XD. Good Luck, Enjoy and Do still bring your violin for camp! we definitely can't miss Jebat Jamming on the violin and viola.

See you on Monday!

dylanlee said...

That last line was genius!



sakai said...

Haha. Sometimes C string is definitely better than the E string. You will have no regrets, endangered species!!!!!

Es said...

you'd be just as good at the viola! :)