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Saturday, July 26, 2008


I don't know how many people I've told this.

But if you told me that from today onwards, I wouldn't have to go to college anymore, I'd take it. Right away.

I'm guessing it's very rare for someone like me to be saying this, not too long after finally getting rid of school life which lasted oh so long, but I suppose my case is different, as someone who is aiming to pursue music, which as it seems has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm studying at college. And now that I have LAN as well, college life is really draining my valuable energy which I would rather use for more important (to me, at least) things. For fellow musicians, you would know what I mean. I mean, after an exhausting day of classes non stop from 8 til LAN ends, how do you expect work to be the next thing on my mind?

When I think about it, I wonder why the hell did I start A-Levels anyway? Why didn't I just take a few months off to focus on music and nothing else? Well, the fact remains that A-Levels might still provide me something to fall back on, say if I somehow astonishingly decide not to do music after all. This is where I'm torn between two worlds and have to live up both.

And that time of the year has come, application season. My problem is that if I am to apply to schools in the US, I might require SATs which is another thing to worry about, plus a recording of my playing which I might have to submit. At this rate, I really don't know if I can be prepared in such a short time.

The lines on my forehead thicken.


Es said...

i ditto everything except that i already finished a-levels so my suffering is over! :D

i usually am not in the mood to practise after i get home because i'm so tired after college :(

but don't regret your decision because it is better to have a "safety net" :)

E x

PIKACHU said...


UncleJosh said...

chill... :)
i am sure you would eventually sort things out... afterall, most people needs to go through certain disappointment or failure to grow and to succeed...

all i can say is that you should try your best and you should be doing alright... ^_^

Anonymous said...


lin said...