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Sunday, September 7, 2008


What a rollercoast ride it has been.

Just over two-thirds of the year has gone by just like that. And it has probably been one of the toughest, stressful, and most eventful years of my life so far. For eleven years I had been learning and playing the violin, the most common orchestral instrument you can find. For ten years I was with the same teacher, would you believe it.

But now, everything has changed. It seems as if it all happened in a flash. After more than a decade playing the violin, my conscience told me, it's time.

Viola time.

At the end of last year, I became certain of doing music as a degree. As a result, I knew it was time to switch to a new teacher, one who I hoped would last for at least awhile, while trying to get into music schools. Who was I to know that she wouldn't even last a year.

Then a few months ago, my peers began suggesting switching to the viola. I thought nothing of it, until I decided, maybe give it go. I was loaned two violas, and ended up becoming involved with a chamber group playing a movement from a truly fantastic string quartet. Back then, I thought it was going to be temporary, as I still had my focus set on the violin.

My 'amazing' progress on my major instrument in the first few months were very promising indeed, but in the last few months or so, I slowed down a little. I suppose that is quite normal after a few months with a new teacher. But it was the last MPYO camp that completely changed my mindset. It was after the May camp. I had been asked whether I could help with out the viola section, after admin had seen me play viola for chamber. I gladly agreed, thinking it would be a good experience for me, nothing more.

I was wrong. I came back from the camp, a full length of a week playing the viola in the orchestra, as well as two chamber groups, and I had never felt so mesmerised by the amazing tone and sound of the viola. That was it.

So there you go. See how things can change in such a short time? There I was thinking I would be applying to music schools abroad on the violin, for sure. And now that I am short of time, I finally put my foot down to at least lighten my load in terms of college work. I made a compromise, to drop a subject and defer the other two for this semester.

I'm going all out. I have to. I want to.

Let's go.


Eben said...

Go Go Jebat!

Duncan Yeow said...

Go Jebat you can do it!!

Es said...

Jebat, update a lot ok, so i will know how you are doing when i am in England. if you come, feel free to visit, i will take you and Soraya to see the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra! Top act! :D

best wishes,

adelynyeoh said...


all the best with the switch. if viola really is your calling then go for it! good luck! :D

JAY. said...

good luck :)