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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So as 2008 draws to a close, I have come to a conclusion -

A part of my life is changing.


Music has always been a part of my life. DAMN, how many times have i said that? Or typed that? Well, after all, it is the truth.

Since the very beginning - from the time when I was first inspired by of all people, Vanessa Mae, to my first 'violin' made out of cardboard, to my foolish days of 'hating' classical music as a child, playing the piano and violin because I was 'forced' to by my parents, to going crazy about Backstreet Boys and Westlife and such, to listening to Hitz FM for all that pop/rock stuff, to discovering the wonder of underground music and other sub-genres of rock such as emo, post hardcore and others, to the days of metal domination in my ears, and finally of late, to coming back down to the roots of all music - classical.

Yes, it's true. Something has really changed in me. Even after I became a member of the MPYO, I still felt that I preferred modern music compared to stuff like what I was playing in the orchestra. For awhile, I was still writing and performing with Rosewood and stuff. Then came the SPM year when nearly all things seemed to fall apart for me except of course my development as an orchestra player and generally an improving, aspiring classical musician.

The proof of my somewhat sudden stronger interest in classical music is simple - it's practically the only thing I listen to now every day for the last few weeks or so. In the past, I would have my latest downloaded albums in my downloads folder, and I would fill my phone with various songs, primarily in the metal genre. Nowadays, I listen to various types of classical music - orchestral, chamber, solo and duet concerti and what not. The last time I updated my song list in my phone was a few days ago, and everything there is classical.

And I'll tell you one thing, I really haven't been listening to anything of my former interest. The other night I gave it a go - I played As I Lay Dying's The Darkest Nights at a relatively loud volume, only to find myself half paying attention to the song. I haven't been jamming either, and my band The Archetype? Seems dead.

I would have to say, part of this change had to do with a decision I made. I told myself, since I'm going to be majoring in classical music - it's about time I at least got serious in terms of discovering and listening to various repertoire. The decision eventually made me actually enjoy it and now there's no turning back. I won't completely say goodbye to the stuff I had been listening to previously, but for now I will welcome a new dawn into my current most important aspect of my life as 2009 beckons.

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Eswhy said...

Hi Jebs, good choice listening to various classical shit early on, now at uni we have like a 60% listening test and i have SO MUCH to catch up on -- bad times! i couldn't be arsed before cos it is so difficult to find free downloadable classical music online but now i have a whole library of CDs to choose from at uni and i've just been borrowing CDs every day!

i was "inspired" (the same way you were by Vanessa Mae) by.. none other than Maksim Mrvica - i am not even joking - to start practising properly! and also remember destroying the first ever (toy) piano my parents bought me. it was a hideous purple anyway, so my actions are entirely justified.

i have never been happier studying, (probs cos i never WAS happy studying at school, to begin with! college was bearable partly cos i skipped so many lessons.) and i never once regret my decision to study Music, i am amazed every day by what i learn (except Bach chorales, get a bit tiring! hehe) hope u had a good christmas! keep me posted on uni applications and give my best to your sister XX