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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ever been part of a five-person party at a restaurant which ate up to RM 1000 in a single meal?!

No shit.

Agh, the satisyfing, overwhelming, fun, amazing activity of OVEREATING in a place like Penang has certainly not done my stomach any favours.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Un. Believable.

Those were the two or one or whatever words that instantly came to my mind when my Moral Studies lecturer told me and a friend of mine that we weren't allowed to sit for the final quiz.

The last few hours of today have probably been among the most stressful in my life.

I mean, can you imagine? I've done everything right up to now, but because he fucking doesn't 'get' my letter of absence for some reason or another, I get barred from taking the final exam,

Then he doesn't turn up to let me sit for the quiz myself.

Then he tells me I can do it this Saturday.

And the next thing you know, he says I don't have a fucking valid reason for not doing it last Saturday.

I wouldn't completely rule out the fact that this is someone who won't fucking admit his mistake.

While the appeal against the barring is still up in the air, this new matter which has arisen has caused even more unnecessary anxiety and frustration. What a time for someone like me, who has little interest left in my A-Levels studies. Sigh. And to add insult to injury, letters notifying of my absence from Math lectures are coming through my mailbox, even though I had struck a deal with the department some time ago.