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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


And I thought I won't be listening to metal anytime soon.

Nah, not really. I haven't been, it's just that I've noticed ever since I added the HTML link for the live traffic feed on my blog, there have been some visitors from all over the WORLD arriving at my post: SHROUDED DIVINE Review. I gave the album 4 and a half stars.

I decided to check up on the Swedish progressive death metal band In Mourning, which produced the exceptional album Shrouded Divine, and found out that my favourite song on the record, The Black Lodge was named best metal song of 2008 and the album itself was listed among the top 20 of the year. I was really surprised to find out about this cause In Mourning are such an unknown band (which is good, of course), but I feel glad that such talent is recognised instead of your usual Triviums, Avenged Sevenfold (they're not even metal ok Kit Leong), and other 'great' bands.

So yeah, just a little discovery of sorts, to find people from other continents visiting my blog for this particular reason.

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