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Sunday, January 11, 2009


This man was pure genius.

Antonín Leopold Dvořák was a Czech composer of Romantic music, who employed the idioms and melodies of the folk music of Moravia and his native Bohemia. His works include operas, symphonic, choral and chamber music. His best-known works include his New World Symphony (particularly the slow movement), as well as his Slavonic Dances, American String Quartet, and Cello Concerto in B minor.

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I am proud to have had the opportunity to actually play a few of Dvořák's famous works.

May last year it was the American String Quartet in F major with Jia Rong, Lu Ee and Dylan. A month ago, the stunning Cello Concerto in B minor with the MPYO, with MPO cellist Tan Poh Joo as soloist. Previously, Symphony No. 8 and of course, one of the most well known symphonies of all time, Symphony No. 9 (New World Symphony), both of which were with the MPYO, of course. Every time I play a work by Dvořák, the enthusiasm is always there.

Just watch/listen to these. Pure awesomeness.

Okay, some of you may already know this. Dvořák composed concerti for piano, cello and violin. So did he play either of the three instruments? Well, violin, yes. But primarily what did he play?




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LOL! But apparently, right, he hated the cello concerto =/

AF said...

He also had the "American" QUINTET, pretty neat.