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Saturday, January 24, 2009


As the year of the ox draws near, I begin to think about many things to expect (or to not expect) in the near future.

This is the year I make it, or break it. Well not really, but to a certain extent, it is so.

After completing secondary school and soon to be A-Levels, I will enter tertiary education. I will finally be in a programme I really will enjoy, regardless of the inevitable hard work, stress, difficulties and so on that awaits.

It's incredible how I can still remember the first day I was in Standard One. I had a few friends, but the one whom I remember the best was Nabil. To this day I will never forget his name, although I can't remember what he looked like then. It's amazing how 11 years have passed since then, and I am standing on the brink of the first part of real success, or failure of course.

I have always had the impression that the United States of America is a terribly overrated country. Fine, there's Hollywood and Barack Obama amongst other things but the one thing that really gets me is the fact that many Americans just don't know enough about the rest of the world. Ask any regular American citizen and you'll be extremely lucky if he knows where Malaysia is on the map. And that's just one thing they're completely ignorant about.

Sarah Palin said after casting her vote on Presidential Election Day: "I will not tell you who I voted for, because I believe that I have the right to keep my vote private." Fine, that's justified. Then, she went on: "That's what I think is so amazing about America, the democracy." When I heard that, I was like, hello woman, you're not the only democratic country in the world. My mother herself refused to tell us who she voted for one year during elections. And she's just one citizen of this country.

Still, there is no denying that America is certainly the land of opportunities. One can definitely go far if things go right for him or her.

I made up my mind I want to study there. That was how I felt a few months ago. Now? I'm not as sure as I was before.

As some of you know I auditioned for Yong Siew Toh, Singapore last year in March. Obviously I didn't get in, if not I wouldn't be typing this now. After hearing stories which I shall not discuss here, from friends in YST, I became less and less keen on becoming a student there in the future.

But now I'm starting to look at things realistically. No, I'm not saying I want to study in YST.

But do note that I'm not saying I want to study in the US either.

Come on, I'm only 17 years old. I'll be 18 this year. Something struck me a few weeks ago. Maybe I'm not ready to leave to study in a country so far away. I've started THINKING again. And I mean really thinking. At this point in time, I can't really tell you where I'd rather go to study music.

This has to be the biggest thing that will happen to me this year of the ox.

My audition for YST is in one and a half weeks. My audition for the Asian Youth Orhestra is in three weeks. The first camp of the new MPYO season begins in six weeks. I start receiving my offers (if I get any, that is) in something like 10 weeks. Before you know it, it's fall 2009.

The music continues.

My god. Mindless ranting again.

Mocha Java Kee Wira Bulat. I miss him.