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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


How does one explain the following general assumptions:

Girls love chocolate, whereas not all guys do.

Guys are afraid of cockroaches, girls are scared of lizards.

Girls loathe egg yolk, while guys don't mind it.

There are bound to be more. Care to add to the list?


Duncan Yeow said...

Guys love girls and Girls don't love girls?? Hmm... Not always.... hahaaaa...xD

Jebat said...

haha what the. shouldn't it be more girls like girls compared to guys liking guys since there are more lesbians than gays in the world?

hang on, i can't prove that.

oh, and since su yin didn't add this to the list i will add it:

Most guys tend to shake their legs while sitting down, while girls don't do that; in fact they can't stand it.

daydreamer said...

argggh I was going to...just figuring out my password.XD it took a long time.

dylanlee said...

OMG SUYIN Is your blog up for a revival?!

lin said...