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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Nude photos of celebs. There was Miley Cyrus. Vanessa Hudgens.

Sex videos of celebs. Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson among them.

Now, in our very own country, photos of Selangor state assemblyman Elizabeth Wong in the nude are being circulated.

Or should I say 'former' state assemblyman.

Oh no, it sure doesn't end there. Eight days ago in Sussex, England, 15 year-old Chantelle Steadman gave birth to Maise Roxanne. Who's the father? 13 year-old Alfie Patten.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin has another week of freedom. After which, I dare say, albeit pessimistically, he will be back in Kamunting and after self refusing food and drink and human contact, we may well say a final farewell to him.

I've been waiting to say this. Yep, wait for it -

Wait for it -

Wait for it -



Oh sorry. We're on air?

Alright, yeah, you could edit that right?

Ahem, ahem, so good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 'A Tragic Glimpse Into Reality' FM. I'm your host Eek Tabej and there seems to be quite a bit of craziness happening in the wor -

For crying out loud Alfie Patten, what the fuck were you thinking, asshole? You were 12 fucking years-old when you fucked that Chantelle girl. Nine months later, how does that make you more of a man than you were before?

And Chantelle? You're screwed too! I mean, sleeping with EIGHT guys around the same time you got pregnant, at 15? Holy shmoley.

Richard Goodsell? 16 years-old bastard who DEMANDS a DNA test to prove he's the father? Fuck off dude. Get a life! Go study or something! belajar rajin rajin jadi doktor.

14 year old Tyler Barker? You deserve to fear you may have fathered the child. And mother of Tyler? YOU ACTUALLY THINK YOUR SON THINKS HE FATHERED THE CHILD? WHERE ARE YOUR VALUES AND WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TEACHING HIM?

And you just wouldn't expect to hear this from the 13 year-old Playstation playing kid, Alfie, would you:

"We wanted to to have the baby but were worried how people would react. I didn't know what it would be like to be a dad. I will be good, though, and care for it."

Sigh. Kids these days.
If you are a Malaysian, thinking that the political scenario in our country couldn't get any worse, sorry mate, cause you're fucking wrong.

I don't think Elizabeth Wong had much of a choice when she stepped down as Bukit Lanjan assemblyman today. It is crystal clear that cruel tactics had been used on her to attack her politically and personally.

But if Barisan keeps this up, and gets Opposition assemblymen out, causing by-elections to take place, what do they expect from the by-elections? Are the people going to vote Barisan instead? They obviously don't use their brains!

On the other hand, even if the Opposition wins the by-elections coming up, what would it prove? What would be the implications? We would just have to wait for the next general election, and by then, things may well have changed. RPK may not be here anymore to help in our struggle. People may completely lose faith in the Opposition; as it is, they are starting to lose faith in it now.

And the Altantuya hearing? April 9. Well well, no surprise there. Najis would have become the Prime Criminal Minister of this country by then.

What is the point in all of this?

I myself can't answer that. Such is the situation we Malaysians are faced with.


Alright, are we good for time? Did we make it?

Great, time to let off some steam again



yingxian said...

i like your views.

sakai said...

Chill la. Everyone knows it. Haha. Eek tabej or shall i call you hang f*** on urbandictionary

Jebat said...

yingxian - thanks! although, i may have gone a little overboard this time. partially random typing.

james - yeah well. haha yeah wei hang fuck.

dylanlee said...

Charlie ffffffoooooxtrottttt!!!!!!!!

yingxian said...

hahaha if only you could hear mine. :)

i typed out an entire post, read it and just deleted it. LOL. was much too angry. and probably half the things i was uttering were a little too controversial.

do keep it all up. :) you seem to be doing great.