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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Money money money,
must be funny,
in a rich man's world.

Bota assemblyman Nasarudin? Idiot. Where's his integrity? Says he ain't gonna change his mind. Next thing you know, after some money is waved in his face, he's back with them.

Politics in Malaysia nowadays is simply appalling. If you've got the cash, you've got the stash.

Barisan might as well just fucking buy over everyone and take the four states Pakatan are left with, and rule the whole country just how it used to be, right? After all, they're so fucking loaded, offering LCD TVs and DVD players and what not to win people's support for the by-election in KT. But hey fuckers, look what happened! You fucking lost in KT, that's what! You fucking lost in your own stronghold! So if there were to be fresh elections in Perak, without a doubt you'd fucking lose too!

Then there are people who also start losing faith in Pakatan. Apparently, both Barisan and Pakatan are assholes. I'm not denying that though. Come on, this is fucking politics. Can you trust a politician? Fully? Go ask a Pakatan supporter: Are you sure you can trust Anwar Ibrahim to the last fucking drop of your blood? He'd be damned if he said yes.

And those two corrupt fuckers? Left without a choice. They don't become BN friendly independents, they end up in court. They cross over? No fucking evidence.

What is the world coming to, eh? I don't know either. One thing's for sure. Once that fucking criminal Najib bin Altantuya comes into power as the goddamn Prime Minister, Malaysia is fucked.

Money money money,
must be funny,
in a rich man's world.

On a completely seperate note, don't you think there are be so many possible implications one could make about an audition which lasted less than 10 minutes long?


sakai said...

Bota assemblymen just went to PKR for reunion dinner and back to BN to get his Angpau for CNY. haha

Jebat said...

exactly, man.