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Sunday, March 8, 2009

365 days ago.

If you were to ask someone what they did exactly a year ago, on that very day, chances are they wouldn’t be able to remember.

Some situations are excluded of course – for instance they would surely remember what they did if it was the date of their birthday, a cousin’s wedding, the day a friend passed on, the first time someone had sex

For me, I remember what happened on March 8, 2008.

My sister and I walked out of the house, down to the nearby school. We met the people at the pondok panas, who gave us incredibly huge PKR shirts to put on. To work.

Some cars were driving by, people walking to the school, getting ready to vote. People came up to us asking us to check whether they were at the right polling station. I don’t remember all too clearly, but the bottom line was we had to point these people to the BN pondok panas – where they had computers to check in the database.

Whenever we had no choice but to tell these people to go over to the BN side, I kept thinking to myself: “Shit, we’re gonna lose voters at this rate.” Now that I think about it, I realise that hey, surely these people would have already decided who they were gonna vote for and not just change their mind over the fact that their original preference lacks technology on the ground!

Those few hours of voluntary work at the pondok panas will be forever etched in my memory. I hadn’t given it much thought on the day itself – since we weren’t expecting the Opposition to win, let alone deny BN the two-thirds.

That night I was at a concert with my friends and I remember after the concert was over, I received a few messages from my dad regarding results and that the candidates in our constituency had won for state and parliament seats. I was glad – and that was it really, because at that point I was still not too optimistic about our chances.

Then on the way back home we pumped up the radio, and results were flooding in – it was amazing, the upsets, the drama. It was as if we had won.

One year on, some things have changed, and of course there have been many others which still remain the same. Najis is still gonna be PM come next month. UMNO is as dirty as ever. The race card is still being played everywhere.

But on March 8, 2008, I really did feel there was hope.

And surely – surely – there still has to be.

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dylanlee said...

Hey! I was in the car with ya! Hahahaha. Funny days.