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Saturday, April 18, 2009


How would you feel if you had no choice but to turn down an unbelievable opportunity to study in one of the top music schools in the world?

How would you feel if you had no choice but to give up on a chance to study with a renowned, caring and concerned teacher who actually contacts you first?

How would you feel if you had no choice but to think that all hope is lost of exploring a new culture and environment?

How would you feel if all of this was because life is unfair, and in this world only some people have enough money to study abroad?

How would you feel if, by having to decline this amazing offer, life would never be the way it should've been?

This 5% of hope which I have left is solely based on the number of days I have left, which in itself - doesn't make sense.


tikiyong said...

I understand your situation. Remember. There's always HOPE. Obama proved that.

Eswhy said...

cheer up boyo, things arent always what they seem! if its any consolation, at least you're doing music and not some other shitty subject! xx

Jebat said...

tiki - YES WE CAN. i can too, but if i were to go, my parents' funds would be severely lacking thereafter.

eswhy - thanks for the support. you're right, the fact that i'm doing music and not some boring traditional what-have-you is an achievement in itself.

pik said...

you'll work it out, somehow.

Dina said...

baby, email me.
tell me abt your situasi,
i may be able to help you.

lin said...