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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Forget Cicakman.

Forget 1957 Hati Malaya.


SELL OUT! ($311.0u7!)

In cinemas May 7th

Sell Out! world-premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2008 and won the Young Cinema Award for Altre Visioni. It also won the NETPAC Award at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and has been invited to 13 international film festivals so far.

Starring: Jerrica Lai, Peter Davis, Kee Thuan Chye, Lim Teik Leong, Hannah Lo, Lee Szu Hung and Wong Wai Hoong.

Director and Writer: Yeo Joon Han


Her name is Rafflesia Pong (Rafflesia=largest flower in the world, which reeks of animal carcass; Pong=stink). She’s a bottom-ranking arts show host who’s disillusioned with “those over-rated underachievers we call artists.” He’s Eric Tan (Eric=Eric, Tan=typical Chinese surname), a product designer who’s just about to learn that it doesn’t pay to be creative. They both work for FONY, a multinational conglomerate whose mission statement, copied from a Taiwanese company, is to be original.

In the face of such pressure, will Eric and Rafflesia retain their artistic integrityor will they finally sell out to fame, fortune or some other nasty thing that also starts with “F”?


Someone actually said he felt this was one his list of best movies of the year. Mind you, he didn't mean best MALAYSIAN movies, but best MOVIES.

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