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Saturday, May 2, 2009


May 1st has passed.

Remember that 5%? Well, it's now reduced to nothing.


I will think about this every day of my life, for the next four years.

Or will I?


dylanlee said...


AF said...
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AF said...

For what it's worth, it isn't always what it seems. There are many - I suspect the majority - who aren't rich, who take a bet with large student loans. Some make it, some don't, and it's not simply about ability - all of them are graduates of major institutions with rigorous standards of entry and passing. (Remember, not all who enter graduate: students who don't pass their second or third year upper divisionals are not allowed to proceed. This ensures all graduates make the grade.)

The second page of this article, in particular, deals with this:

In the end, as the saying goes, success is not being dealt the best hand. It's about doing the most with whatever hand you're dealt.

My two cents, anyhow.

Eswhy said...

hi jebs i just read your reply on my last comment, my email is but there is a slight change of plans so might not be able to do any quintetting! :0( do u remember professor Dana at professor Panovska's place? she's told me to visit her in Macedonia so i might go in June after exams so won't be back in Malaysia until poss early July or very late June and seein as you'll be off to Singapore it might be a bit of a rush! :0( I would really like to do it though so if we can sort something out ie set a future date so we can start practising then getting together and playing at said date ie holidays etc that'd be fab! have u considered a transfer in your second year? audition and ask for a scholarship or some sort of grant and transfer? or start from scratch if you wish. i think i am goin to audition for the Royal Academy of Music this September. SO SCARED but i'm going to try anyway although i think my piano abilities have sort of declined since i came to uni due to an unforgivable lack of practise!! good luck!

Jebat said...

andrew - just read the article. my parents and i have never been for student loans, and justifiably so.

yeah, you're right when you say success is not about being dealt the best hand, but doing the most with what you have. i must put the disappointment behind me now.

eshwy - oh, that's a pity. it would've been fun to play the schumann quintet. well i would most likely be back in december or so.

about the possibility of a transfer in my second year, yes, i will be considering that, just a matter of seeing how things go in my first year, really. great! good luck for RAM! as in, you're auditioning for performance?