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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's been exactly 40 years.

What has this nation seen since then? Nothing much better.

The PM having a hand in murder.
Operasi Lalang.
The goyang kaki attitude.
Unfair quotas for scholarships.
A sleeping PM who sought advice from his son-in-law on how to run the country.
The NEP.
An 'angkasawan'.
The greater progress of a neighbouring country which was once a part of us.
A double sodomy allegation (by now it should have a tagline: every 10 years).
The Judicial Crisis.
Countless deaths in National Service.
An MB-less state.
Animals in Parliament.
The Internal Security Act and everything surrounding the topic.

And the list goes on and on. Please don't hesitate to add on.

After all, I'm only this old to know the mere gist of what has happened thus far since May 13, 1969.


cla said...

hey if ur dad's on tv and the movies..they should be able to afford the US. but on ur part do take up a part-time job to ease things.

Jebat said...

sorry, you are?

haha yes, my dad may be act on tv and in movies, but that doesn't mean we are well off. this isn't hollywood, you know.