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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Chicken fries.


Chicken fries.


Chicken burgers.

I thought you just said chicken fries.

Then why did you ask again?

I dunno. What the hell are chicken fries anyway? What's your problem?

I dunno.

What's your problem?


What's wrong wi - WHAT?! But I thought you just said you didn't know what your problem was?

Then why did you ask again?


Go to hell, would ya.

WHAT? But I just said geez - which stands for Jesus -


HUH? So?

You used his name to curse.

Would you consider that cursing?

Of course. Didn't I just say that?

Geez. You're stuck up.

Am I, now?

This is the result of intelligent randomization.


AF said...

Couldn't resist. :P

There's a certain etymology to that... "using God's name in vain" being classified as blasphemy i.e. cursing or swearing.

That being said, the real root of it was that "Jesus!" would be a form of exclamation invoking a curse or damnation from one's God. Ironically enough "Geez" could at some point historically meant, "May Jesus send you to hell."

That of course would have come back to the whole blasphemy thing, which is perhaps why the shorter form, or the restructured form (like "gosh" for "God" or "darn" for "damn") seemed the sugar-free version.

More commonly, a lesser ranking name would be invoked, like "By Saint Peter...", to indicate the intention without being too scandulous. Common in works of Shakespeare, eg. the drunken porter scene in Macbeth.

More interesting - apparently - is that "go fly kites" has a hidden meaning as well...

Jebat said...

hahaha that's cool. never knew that "Jesus!" or "Geez" actually meant that it came FROM Jesus. i suppose someone like me, who isn't one with religion, wouldn't think too much of it.

AF said...

Perhaps a clearer picture would be "Goddamn!" which in it's original form would be "May God damn it/you!" i.e. I call on God to damn it/you.

This is why I find today's swear words far more fascinating. If you say "F*** You!" to someone, isn't that the last thing you actually want to do?

lin said...