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Friday, June 26, 2009


Michael Jackson is dead.

The King of Pop. Dead.

Or is he?

In this day and age, celebrities are worshipped as Gods, degraded like pimps and whores, or criticised to no end. Either that or people simply start spreading rumours about them - good or bad. The latter is more common of course

So when I found out this morning that MJ was dead, I thought to myself, "Come on. Really?"

I was told of a conspiracy theory some time back, that MJ was actually already dead back in the 80s, buried in his synthetic world of Neverland, and that the MJ of the last two decades was an impersonator. Sounds familiar?

Now that MJ is 'really' dead, people are also starting possible conspiracy theories about his death. Just to give one example, some say the media 'killed' him off for reasons unknown (as a distraction, some say), while others argue saying that all celebrities are mortals too - and that he died of a normal death.

Me? I really don't know, and like many others out there probably never will. On Facebook I see this 'Signing the Memorial for Michael Jackson'. I decided not to sign it cause after all, what difference could I make, since I myself am still at the stage of massaging my chin over the issue.


Megan Fox is a man.

The hottt Megan Fox. A man.

Or is she?

After watching the first installment of Transformers, the majority of males were going crazy about the newest, hottest thing in town - Megan Fox.

Honestly, I'm no big fan. Even back then I could tell there was something fishy - about her face.

Some months ago, it was reported that Megan Fox is a man, or 'was a man', I should say. There it was - the whole blow up of a story talking about how Mitchell Reed Fox was helped by his parents at a young age to undergo the sex change as the potential was in him to become a star - as a female.

Someone just too jealous of her or something, maybe? Who knows.

The video (which I find both kinda stupid and hilarious) I'm about to post up here explores the CGI which the crew of Transformers use on Megan Fox herself. So guys, the Megan Fox you see in Transformers isn't the natural Megan Fox. Search for the video where she jokes (does she really?) that she is a man and that she is either a tranny or a doppelganger for Alan Alda. That's where you can really see that Megan Fox is merely hot - not beautiful. Gosh, her face.

Then again if you are one of those guys who jerks off to Megan Fox everyday, you are completely entitled to calling me an idiot for simply bringing up the topic on whether she is a man.

See how things work?

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