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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


First impressions can be an absolute bitch sometimes.

I've realised a couple of things in the last few days - people, including myself, are too quick to jump to conclusions about other people or issues. If they're not lucky, they will always have the same thoughts.

Here I am at the crossroads of life, about to enter music tertiary education, which a somewhat solid, basic music foundation behind me already. Having learned music for more than a decade surely has got me somewhere at least.

My point here is related to a concert which I watched a few days ago. I had very high expectations of Chuanyun Li, the solo violinist of the night. I emerged from the concert hall after, and felt disappointed. There were so many things about his performance that I could criticise - in particular his interpretation of the piece he played.

Barely a day later, I had second thoughts. Who am I to criticise? Who am I to judge? I'm no expert. And I also realised that he is one musician who really goes for it, who really takes the risk, who has fresh interpretations, plus who is a little cuckoo (quite cuckoo, actually) - and these are the qualities which are so important in a musician. It's not about whether the audience likes the interpretation or not. After all, you can't please everyone in this world. You're bound to have fans and haters.

Speaking of fans and haters, people have been asking - will Michael Jackson be remembered as a legend or a whacko? I bet there are lots of people out there who will remember him as the latter. Of course the majority of the world will remember him as a legend.

When the news came out, I was skeptical. I honestly can't explain why, but I figured I was too influenced by all that conspiracy of him being already dead and what not.

In the last few days, I've come to accept the fact that Michael Jackson is dead, and yes - he will remain a legend to me. No one can deny what he has brought to this world. I can still remember being on that stage with him back when I was a kid.

Last weekend I played a solo performance and decided to do a Michael Jackson medley - and after actually performing it in public it really did strike me.

Back to the topic of interpretation, there are bound to be people who dislike one's interpretation of a song, piece or whatsoever. I'm prepared for that, with this video.


Sook Fong said...

although we do not know each other but ur playing is great:)

tangerineeeee said...

hey jebat. =) you're right about intepretation- one man's meat is another man's poison. but we're still entitled to our own opinions to be rooted in the real world and stay human. =)

and my opinion about your bach piece: i love that song and you did perfect justice to it. =)

Jebat said...

sook fong - thanks!

angeline - yeah you're right. thanks as well! but actually i personally feel i can do better with that piece. hope to post up a better version of it soon.