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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So not too many surprises at the Oscars.

As many of you know, the overrated Slumdog Millionaire swept everyone away by winning 80% of their nominations - well, more like 8 awards out of 9, since they had two nominations for Best Original Song. As expected.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button meanwhile won only 3 awards out of 13 nominations. Sean Penn won the Best Actor award for his portrayal as Harvey Milk, a gay activist in Milk, and Kate Winslet in The Reader returned to the fore as Best Actress. Vicky Cristina Barcelona's Penelope Cruz won the Best Supporting Actress while the late Heath Ledger was given the Best Supporting Actor recognition for his role as the menacing Joker in The Dark Knight.

But most of the talk has been about the rags-to-riches story of Slumdog Millionaire, which snapped up top awards like Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Sound Mixing, Best Original Score (yes, A. R. Rahman accepted two awards in a row, sandwiched by a vocal performance too) amongst others. At times, this actually started to make the Oscars feel boring, despite the fact that this year, the ceremony was shorter (it didn't quite feel shorter though) and there were less presenters on show.

I mean, this film initially wasn't even going to make it to the big screen. That aside, the British-Bollywood combination really got the Americans jumping up and down, leading to its huge success there.

A few weeks ago I watched Slumdog, and I honestly thought it was good - but certainly not Best Picture material. Looks like quite a lot of people agree with me on that. But then again, perhaps it is the best out of the five films nominated in the biggest category. Perhaps.

Thus, I'm on a mission to watch all the movies nominated for Best Picture - Slumdog Millionaire, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, The Reader and Milk. Thus far I have already seen Slumdog, Milk, and am currently watching Benjamin Button as I write.

We'll see how it goes. Movies time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chamber Music Excursions.

Interested? There's more.

This was before the name of the project was changed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Nude photos of celebs. There was Miley Cyrus. Vanessa Hudgens.

Sex videos of celebs. Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson among them.

Now, in our very own country, photos of Selangor state assemblyman Elizabeth Wong in the nude are being circulated.

Or should I say 'former' state assemblyman.

Oh no, it sure doesn't end there. Eight days ago in Sussex, England, 15 year-old Chantelle Steadman gave birth to Maise Roxanne. Who's the father? 13 year-old Alfie Patten.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin has another week of freedom. After which, I dare say, albeit pessimistically, he will be back in Kamunting and after self refusing food and drink and human contact, we may well say a final farewell to him.

I've been waiting to say this. Yep, wait for it -

Wait for it -

Wait for it -



Oh sorry. We're on air?

Alright, yeah, you could edit that right?

Ahem, ahem, so good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 'A Tragic Glimpse Into Reality' FM. I'm your host Eek Tabej and there seems to be quite a bit of craziness happening in the wor -

For crying out loud Alfie Patten, what the fuck were you thinking, asshole? You were 12 fucking years-old when you fucked that Chantelle girl. Nine months later, how does that make you more of a man than you were before?

And Chantelle? You're screwed too! I mean, sleeping with EIGHT guys around the same time you got pregnant, at 15? Holy shmoley.

Richard Goodsell? 16 years-old bastard who DEMANDS a DNA test to prove he's the father? Fuck off dude. Get a life! Go study or something! belajar rajin rajin jadi doktor.

14 year old Tyler Barker? You deserve to fear you may have fathered the child. And mother of Tyler? YOU ACTUALLY THINK YOUR SON THINKS HE FATHERED THE CHILD? WHERE ARE YOUR VALUES AND WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TEACHING HIM?

And you just wouldn't expect to hear this from the 13 year-old Playstation playing kid, Alfie, would you:

"We wanted to to have the baby but were worried how people would react. I didn't know what it would be like to be a dad. I will be good, though, and care for it."

Sigh. Kids these days.
If you are a Malaysian, thinking that the political scenario in our country couldn't get any worse, sorry mate, cause you're fucking wrong.

I don't think Elizabeth Wong had much of a choice when she stepped down as Bukit Lanjan assemblyman today. It is crystal clear that cruel tactics had been used on her to attack her politically and personally.

But if Barisan keeps this up, and gets Opposition assemblymen out, causing by-elections to take place, what do they expect from the by-elections? Are the people going to vote Barisan instead? They obviously don't use their brains!

On the other hand, even if the Opposition wins the by-elections coming up, what would it prove? What would be the implications? We would just have to wait for the next general election, and by then, things may well have changed. RPK may not be here anymore to help in our struggle. People may completely lose faith in the Opposition; as it is, they are starting to lose faith in it now.

And the Altantuya hearing? April 9. Well well, no surprise there. Najis would have become the Prime Criminal Minister of this country by then.

What is the point in all of this?

I myself can't answer that. Such is the situation we Malaysians are faced with.


Alright, are we good for time? Did we make it?

Great, time to let off some steam again


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Sometimes, I feel as if I am the master of delayed gratification. Sometimes, I believe very much in what all those people tell you when you watch the documentary 'The Secret.'

Note the sometimes.

So imagine this, you know you're pretty good at something. Okay, that's very subjective isn't it.

Fine, so let's say this thing that you're good at is your forte, even though you may not be the best in your field. But the point is you know that you are of a certain standard. That's enough in itself, because I never said you had to think highly of yourself. You are merely NOT short-changing yourself, just identifying your own personal ability, which may be unique to others.

So you find yourself selected as second best, behind the leader. So you remain humble. Deep down you know that you deserve better, but no, you're not gonna shout out to the whole world what you think and how you feel. At the most, you tell your friends who understand you best. Patience is a virtue, they say. And you believe in it. And you wait.

And then it just happens. After quietly visualizating, it happens. You are rewarded for your patience, humility, and of course the basic thing - capability. Someone believes in you. Someone trusts you can do it. Someone has seen the light.

That, my friend, is the art of delayed gratification. You don't rush into something, because if you do, you'll end up falling all over the place. If you know how to keep your cool, while showing respect and looking up to others who are more senior than you, then you will understand how the world works, how the law of attraction works. You try not to think negatively. If you have a negative thought, replace it with something else, to compensate for its possibility of existence.

So yes, it would be outright stupid if I were to say that I'm just talking nonsense right now, because yes, this did happen to me. At this moment, I fell that's the best way to describe the experience.

And boy, does it feel good.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Money money money,
must be funny,
in a rich man's world.

Bota assemblyman Nasarudin? Idiot. Where's his integrity? Says he ain't gonna change his mind. Next thing you know, after some money is waved in his face, he's back with them.

Politics in Malaysia nowadays is simply appalling. If you've got the cash, you've got the stash.

Barisan might as well just fucking buy over everyone and take the four states Pakatan are left with, and rule the whole country just how it used to be, right? After all, they're so fucking loaded, offering LCD TVs and DVD players and what not to win people's support for the by-election in KT. But hey fuckers, look what happened! You fucking lost in KT, that's what! You fucking lost in your own stronghold! So if there were to be fresh elections in Perak, without a doubt you'd fucking lose too!

Then there are people who also start losing faith in Pakatan. Apparently, both Barisan and Pakatan are assholes. I'm not denying that though. Come on, this is fucking politics. Can you trust a politician? Fully? Go ask a Pakatan supporter: Are you sure you can trust Anwar Ibrahim to the last fucking drop of your blood? He'd be damned if he said yes.

And those two corrupt fuckers? Left without a choice. They don't become BN friendly independents, they end up in court. They cross over? No fucking evidence.

What is the world coming to, eh? I don't know either. One thing's for sure. Once that fucking criminal Najib bin Altantuya comes into power as the goddamn Prime Minister, Malaysia is fucked.

Money money money,
must be funny,
in a rich man's world.

On a completely seperate note, don't you think there are be so many possible implications one could make about an audition which lasted less than 10 minutes long?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


My audition is in three days.


I just realised something last night. In 2008 alone, I had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different music teachers. Three Europeans, one Chinese. It sure was a topsy-turvy year of indecision, anxiety and what not. But at the end of it all, I dare say I've landed in a spot where I'm most comfortable.

Having a lesson with each different teacher was a unique experience altogether. From each, I learned something technically or expressively different. Gosh I'm finding this so hard to explain. Bottom line is, I managed to improve my playing in various ways according to the teacher I was having a lesson with.

For example, one teacher helped me improve my general intonation and sound. Another helped improve the flexibility of the right hand and fingers. Then I also improved in the area of bow efficiency and usage. Lastly, the sub-conscious lifting of fingers which I picked up from another teacher helped improve my left hand passages.

Sure, I'm not perfect and never will be, but in the past year I myself am aware that I have gone a few notches up in terms of quality of individual playing, let alone ensemble.

Let's just hope that the many different things I have learnt from different teachers will carry on in the foreseeable future.


The Star Review no. 3 is out HERE.